Most Rev. Palmer Buckle
Most Rev. Palmer Buckle

The Most Rev. Charles Palmer Buckle has over-stepped his so called??divine? boundaries by making a personal proposal, which does not in?any shape or form reflect the views and opinions of the Ghanaian?people. The Young Liberals Party of Ghana would like to humbly ask the?Most Reverend to buckle up and stay on the path of wooing souls for?God. ?Since when did opinions of our so called men and women of God?become political??
Young Ghanaians across the country have lost all hope in the current?leadership of both the NPP and the NDC parties, so for Rev. Charles?Palmer Buckle to go on air and try to bend over to the corruption of?our current leadership, and some-what create the notion the country?would be better off if these two political goons should be allowed to?govern us till the next election is very un-acceptable and a?mis-calculation of the true desires of the young people of our?country.

Ghana, will rise above whatever the August 29th ?2013 verdict becomes,?and life as we know it would very well be the same for all and sundry.??However it is fair to note that our Electoral system would no longer?be the same, and embracing that fact is what would enable us move?forward. ? In a democracy, we all know that majority carries the vote,?and to the lay man/woman, ?whoever that majority is, must have the?right leadership skills that is strong and decisive enough to steer?our nation onto the path of development and enhance our socio-economic?prowess.

Ghanaians are not fools, instead we have had a generation of leaders?that took us all for granted, so , the outcome of the 2012 elections?that led to the ramblings and churns ?has indeed led to a new?awakening , which is to say Leaders that we all looked up to as strong?willed individuals, all turned out to be spine-less and greedy. ?The?two political parties that led us onto this path should themselves be?shameful of the desperation and anguish they have brought to?Ghanaians. We of the Young Liberals Party of Ghana, stand on behalf of?all the young people of our country to say that, ?Ghana does NOT need?a coalition/uni-government, because history teaches us all that due to?the greed factor exhibited by these two parties on our political?spectrum, it would be impossible for them to work as a team to promote?Ghana?s interest and its democracy.

Ghanaians would rather embrace themselves to the fact that, a clear?leader is emerges from the?August 29th??verdict, one that we can all?hold accountable for the next 3yrs before the 2016 elections, so that?a clear path is defined on how and what to measure them by , should?that measure be a deciding factor to vote them into power or not come?2016. ?A diasporan youth member of the Young Liberals Party, ?Miss?Yvonne Duah , highlighted the fact that Ghanaian young men and women,?are truly disappointed in old bigwits that have engulfed the political?arena in Ghana, and that this new wave of young ?leaders with acquired?leadership skills would be sweeping them (the bigwits) over in the?next elections. Ghana , she said, ?is ready for change, but surely not?a change for a unified corrupt front therefore Rev Charles Palmer?Buckle should continue preaching for Jesus and not for political?parties.

The Young Liberals Party of Ghana, would be announcing its maiden?Press Conference for?1st Sept 2013?.

God continue to bless Ghana and all those working to make our country?a better place to live in.

N Kwafo
Young Liberals Party of Ghana

[email protected]


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