By Madubuko Hart

Clerics are not known as troublemakers, but peacemakers. The latter is not the attribute of one Rev. Ndukwe Oka who has recently published garbage against Governor Theodore Orji government and called it critique.


I want to believe that this Reverend is fictitious, because in the cause of research for this article, he had no pedigree. The Facebook account that was directed to him is mal-functional. If not for the reason that the article he wrote in a certain media outfit was full of misleading tips, the pseudo-Reverend would not have deserved this response.

He wrote that Abia State is experiencing high level of decay under the administration of the cheerful Governor Orji and, one asks which Abia State Oka was writing about. It is believed that this Oka is among the many people who have lost contact with their roots overseas and on returning to the country, as he posited in his article, he can no longer differentiate between his maternal home and his paternal home.

And if we hear that he is living in the United States, then we should hide for him to pass on the road? I have not read lies and lies anywhere in the world till I read the story of this liar-cleric who is better called a sycophant.

Oka boasted that he was in Nigeria for four weeks and was aghast of who knows what he was writing about. The truth is that the primaries of the PDP in the state that the reverend was writing about was the fairest and was not manipulated by anybody or group.

It was obvious that this reverend had political bias and since his group did not win he is hiding under the cover of the church to slender Governor Orji, but he will not succeed. It could be that it was the reverend that even rigged the figures that other contestants with Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu had.

I don?t want to say that that this reverend was meandering, looking for political opportunities instead of concentrating on his mission as a cleric. I do not want to say that he is a charlatan who is also a loafer.

While others of his ilk make peace, this goon was writing thus: ?What has PDP done for the Igbo man? I can?t see. Is it the state of roads linking all South-east states, or what? Let them show us the things they have done.

?I see a grand plan to manipu?late the forthcoming elections. It would be tragic. Let Abia resonate with chants of Eny?imba enyi. The people should not brook rigging. They should vote, and protect their votes. They should follow the ballots to the collation centres, so that their votes may count.?

Did you read the outburst of the renegade-cleric calling for troubles and wars in Abia State? He wrote about how certain white people have fled his father?s house located at Clifford area of Aba (without street number).

The truth could be that the cleric had no money to renovate his father?s house to meet the dictates of modern times, hence the occupants left, and he is today arrogating his blame to all powerful and working government in Umuahia.

If not for the wretched lifestyle that he is living, he would have known that many people and companies still operate the streets and avenues of the Clifford area of Aba without hitches. The reverend has shown how a failed person bickers and tinkers.

I found it repulsive responding to the chatter of this cleric, because he was irrational with his comment: he was praising a former governor of the state and at the same time lampooning the present one and at the same time writing that those who praise the numerous works of Governor Orji have been paid money to do so.

The question is how much was this charge-and-bail cleric paid to debase the government of Governor Orji for the exaltation of the preceding government? I want to say that Governor Orji without any form of bias has been making progress on the side of the people contrary to the misleading voice of the cleric.

I want to state emphatically that the government of Governor Orji is better calculated than others in protecting individuals in the free exercise of their natural rights and, at the same time, better guarded against corruption. Governor Orji whom power is entrusted in his hand in Abia State, has never in time perverted it into tyranny. He has been promoting the people?s happiness, which has become expedient for the public at large.


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