Rev. Albert Botchway
the outgoing Korle-Bu CEO Reverend Albert Okpoti Botchway.

…pending an audit by the Auditor General of his period of tenure

…whiles the management Board Dawdles

Rev. Albert Botchway
the outgoing Korle-Bu CEO Reverend Albert Okpoti Botchway.

BY Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor

The prolonged standoff between the Management/Board and the Senior Staff Association (KOSSA), and recently joined by the Heads of the Pharmacies Department of the premier hospital in Ghana has been laid to rest after the Health Ministry had finally asked the Acting CEO, Reverend Albert Okpoti Botchway to step down.

The outgoing Minister of Health, Sherry Ayittey pulled the final nail into the casket after a one year performance review was carried out on the Reverend Okpoti Botchway in pursuant to section 36 of Act 525 which clearly defines the limitations on functions of the premier hospital.

A statement signed by the sector Minister ordered the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Board to revert Reverend Okpoti Botchway to his position as a Board member.

Meanwhile, the remaining Eddie Annan led-Management Board is sitting on a time-bomb likely to be switched.

The Acting Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Samuel Asiamah is elevated to occupy the Rev. Boychway position until a substantive person is appointed to fully occupy the position.

According to paragraph four of the Minister?s letter, Reverend Okpoti Botchway is required to handover all KBTH properties and the hidden car in his possession and provide a comprehensive handing over notes to his own crony, the Board Chairman, Eddie Annan.

Notwithstanding, he is required to copy same to the Sector Minister and the incoming Acting CEO, Dr. Asiamah.

The letter, written and copied the Board of Management of the hospital by Hon. Sherry Ayittey explains that the functions of the teaching hospital Board under Act 525, were subject to such policy directives the Minister may determine.

According to the letter, the Minister in reference to the section 17 of Act 525 may issue directives in writing to the Board or council on matters of policy, stating that the council or Board shall comply with such directives.

Two weeks ago, Reverend Okpoti Botchway and Mr. Eddie Annan, the Board Chairman of the Premier hospital, issued a counter attack to the Unit Heads of the satellite pharmacies of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

Not only that, the Acting CEO and the Board Chairman also turned to another newspaper, the Herald to fight their cause for them.


The two, ie Annan and Botchway have virtually turned the hospital into an island and a playing turf for them only thus defying almost all directives even from the sector Minister.


Eddie Annan and Mr. Botchway see the pharmacy department as the biggest threat to their continued stay at the bleeding hospital.


A statement signed by the 21 Unit Heads of the Satellite pharmacies stated that they believe the clique of the Acting CEO and Board Chairman have an ulterior motive to strip the Revolving Drug Account dry.


Senior Staff Association of Korle-Bu, called for the head of the Acting CEO and the Board Chairman of the hospital, Reverend Okpoti Botchway and Edward Annan for allegedly running the premier hospital as a ?bankrupt political organization that lacks direction and fellow-feeling.?

KOSSA petitioned the office of the Presidency (Flag Staff House) about the state of affairs in Korle-Bu hospital and the gross mismanagement of funds in Korle-Bu.


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