Reverend Father Konrad Dryer, Head Pastor of Saint Charles Lwanga Catholic Church, has advised Christians to see the Resurrection of Christ as an opportunity to renew their lives.

Rev. Fr Dryer asked Christians to pledge and commit their lives to Christ and do away with all unrighteous lifestyles that separate them from their Saviour.

He gave the advice during the celebration of the Easter festivities by the congregation in the Church?s Parish Hall in Accra.

?We must let the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ touch our hearts and draw us farther from sin,? he said.

Rev. Fr Dryer asked the public to be humble, obedient, faithful and truthful in every sphere of life, no matter how powerful or wealthy the person may be just as Christ did.

He said ?God does not need our success, but our faithfulness; we always pierce his heart by our sins, which is very wrong?.

The Head Pastor said although the cross used to symbolize shame, torture and pain by the Greeks and Romans in years back, it now symbolizes the love and forgiveness of God that could hold the hope of humanity.

He noted that God did not send his beloved son merely to point an accusing finger on the world about the how unrighteous it was, but to help the world attain salvation.

He asked Christians to let Easter remind them that they must lead more Godly, morally based and grace-filled lives.

?Easter is not a moment of indulging in immoral acts such as fornication, adultery, and robbery. Therefore Christians must refrain from such acts?.

Rev. Fr Dryer said Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross, and as part the Easter season, the death of Christ by crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday, always the Friday just before Easter.



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