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Resurgence Of Motor Accidents In The Ghana Worries Police


The police administration has consoled families of those who died in last week?s motor accidents across the country.

In a statement, the administration expressed concern about what appears to be a resurgence of motor accidents in the country and assured the public that it would activate all measures to nip it in the bud.

One of the measures the statement pointed out is the deployment of traffic enforcement patrol teams on the roads to, as the statement pointed out, ?enforce traffic rules and regulations.?

Public education on motor traffic rules and regulations, especially at major lorry parks and on all roads, has been intensified to create the necessary awareness that would forestall accidents.

The Police administration has also reminded the traffic public and others that they too have a role to play in stemming the tide of accidents describing the process as a road safety chain.

It entreated Ghanaians, especially passengers, to monitor the performance of drivers at the wheels ?and report any infractions to the Police by calling any of the following hotline: MTN and Vodafone short code 18555 and 191 on all networks.

Last week Thursday recorded four motor accidents which claimed 26 lives leaving others injured.

Many quickly recalled how last year began on a bloody note with a countrywide incidence of motor accidents, which similarly claimed many lives.

It was generally held that most of the accidents were caused by human error and reckless over-speeding and overtaking.

Many have suggested that commercial driving peopled mostly by very young and illiterate drivers should be restricted to persons of a certain minimum level of education and age as a way forestalling accidents.


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