When its comes for digital photography, Sony CyberShot digital camera often comes as most preferable choice by both newbie or professional users. It is known for its high-definition picture quality and superb clarity. Sony H20 is a completely new model comes with Carl-Zeiss 10x optimal zoom lens, 3-inch LCD display which provides clear view of shots taken. It uses Sony memory Stick Pro Duo flash memory card for storing multimedia files.

But what happens when you lost photos from Sony H20 digital camera? In such situation, you may get panic and upset. Like with any other digital device, pictures stored in digital camera are highly prone to lost due to memory card corruption. Therefore, to prevent such unpredictable scenario of photo loss, it is always suggested to keep valid backup.

However, in absence of backup, there is need of third party digital image recovery software to salvage lost photos from Sony H20 digital camera.

Photo loss from H29 digital camera may be caused due to following reasons like:

Virus infectionImproper handling of memoryClicking photos when memory card is fullInterruption when read/write process is going onEjecting memory card when camera is on

Due to above reasons, memory card becomes unresponsive leading to inaccessibility of photos.

Such that, when you try to access photos, you may receive memory card errors. Thankfully, photo recovery from Sony H20 is easily possible with the help of third party digital image recovery software. It is a reliable and comprehensive tool that recover lost photos, pictures from memory card, memory stick and computer’s hard disk and removal storage media. The tool support photo recovery in the following situations: Undelete files from emptied recycle binFrom corrupted or formatted memory cardUse of Shift+Del key combinationFrom formatted hard disk

The recovery tool contains interactive GUI which makes it easy for use by non-technical users also. It salvage image retrieval from almost digital camera and memory card brands. It supports image recovery of all standard file formats like GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP etc. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

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