LL Cool J and his son Najee Smith

Najee Smith, 26, son of rap legend, Ladies Love Cool James, aka LL Cool J, has let his father and himself down again.

As part of his birthday celebration on Monday 28th of September, a drunken Najee Smith went into Catch, a rooftop restaurant in New York, where he got in a fight in bouncers and got kicked out, according to E!. When he still remained uncontrollable, theNew York City Police Department was called in.

Najee Smith on Tuesday received a court summons and has been charged for disorderly conduct.

His father is yet to release a statement regarding the incident, but this is not the first time Najee is making headlines for the wrong reasons.

In 2012, he was in the news for the wrong reasons when he leaked nasty photos of himself in the toilet pooping and having sex with a young lady.

Source: Pulse.com.gh


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