By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]

America is a land immeasurably blessed, so is every other land on earth before men extend their fangs of corruption and death. But, like other nations that have  over-bloated self-images and pride of themselves and their importance, many America’s leaders have not only led other nations astray, but have equally led themselves astray in the process of showing off “wisdom” which has totally become stupidity before all. The fact that wickedness has become monotonous doesn’t in any way make it acceptable and justifiable, and the fact that the West has done everything to reduce the “Blackman” beyond the level of slavery has never been in doubt. These things are no longer secrets: they can be seen in prisoners’ ratio, Hollywood, foreign policies, regime supports, reasons for interventions, stained democracy, etc in and by the western countries. This guilt is not limited to America: it’s a deadly character which is bound to have a repercussive result if not checked in this age of much-claimed democracy. When a man sees himself as the leader and father of all, let such man beware, lest he finds himself, albeit late, that he could not even keep-to-check his own body, nor lead his family exemplary. A married man who desires the office of a leader must be a man faithful to his wife, and faithful to his God. That’s the only way such a man can learn what justice is. And unfaithful man/woman is a selfish and callous leader.


Before finally responding to the former president of America, Bill Clinton, and his statements (, I would like to stress a few points as regards what he recently said about Nigeria and his vision for those oppressed within Nigeria. In his quoted statements, I would like him to answer to these questions:


  1. “But from my experience as a public servant, I know that it is almost impossible to cure a problem based on violence without giving people something to say yes to.”

Que: Are you referring to Nigeria’s invasion of Biafra (against UN dictates), the consequent genocide; the subsequent and outright marginalization of Ndi-Igbo of the South-Eastern part of what is still treacherously referred to as Nigeria after the war; the unlawful arrest, brutality and killing of Igbo in MASSOB as a means to keep Igbo pinned down and enslaved in their fatherland, or the steady, induced-silence state of America and the world powers towards this blatant arrogance and injustice by the Nigerian government? Maybe I didn’t get you right, but I’m sure that a man who claims to have much ‘experience as a public servant,’ you certainly couldn’t possibly be talking about Boko Haram and the Northern Nigeria and the way Nigerian government should react to the killing, looting and expulsion of those they have denied the right to be equal or to be separate? I said this because, if you are, then you are a racist – a terrible racist. What on earth from your experience made you, a former president of the world’s most democratic government, to conclude that the North, or any other part of Nigeria for that matter, has a right to any justice against a supposed “marginalization” until and unless justice is done for Igbos caged and constantly humiliated in the accursed amalgam of your exultation called Nigeria?


  1. “It is almost impossible to cure a problem based on violence with violence.” “You also have to give people something to look forward to when they get up in the morning.”


Que: Here I wonder again if you are truly referring to the way the Nigerian government has been responding to Boko Haram.  And if I may ask: why on earth would such a highly respected man as you stand, unashamedly, to declare that Boko Haram’s actions are justifiable because there is nothing for them to look forward to in the country? If I may ask you: Igbo have not ruled Nigeria for decades; the presidents Nigeria has had were 99.9% from the North; who then made Northerners restive when it has been obvious all along that the Nigerian government has clearly (with the help of your ilk) held down Igbo nation in Nigeria all these decades? Surely, you are a lying racist!


  1. “You can’t just have this level of inequality persist. That’s what’s fuelling all this stuff,” said Clinton.


Que: When you uttered these words, were you thinking of standing for justice for the oppressed Igbo bound in Nigeria; were you speaking on the justifications of the massacre and expulsion of Igbo, Southerners and Christians from the North by Boko Haram with the support of their leaders? Surely you were joking; were you? What inequality are you referring to when it comes to reasons for economic and security problems in Nigeria? Surely you were not referring to the North and Boko Haram, because you have served as a public servant for decades in the marginalization of Igbo but did not say anything. Maybe, in your veiled speech, you were asking every other person, group or region with issues to pick up arm against Nigerians. You are a racist!


  1. “I’m really worried about your security problems. I hope the president and the appropriate ministers can figure it out.


Que: Using your final message as your first, you claimed to be concerned for Nigeria’s security problem: As a former two-time American president under Democrats, you should know that security has to do with foundations. When you want to deal with security you go to the foundation: do you truly believe that, after your many years of leadership in different fields, you actually do not have the truth in you, or have you further corrupted yourself? You cannot possibly deal with security in Nigeria until you have addressed the gross injustice of Nigeria against Igbo of the South-East. If you think otherwise, then you are nothing but a terrible racist.


Before that ill-fated and abomination of an amalgam called Nigeria, the West knew that it was an impossibility. When Biafra decided to escape your inhuman and racist trap (modern slavery), the West – along with Russia and the Arab world- came in again: For the Arab world, they were seeking religious and political dominion, for Russia, opportunity to milk Nigeria dry; and for the rest of the western countries, they were exhibiting a very dangerous “born-to-rule” mentality than we now have in Nigeria. For the West, Nigeria must remain down and, even if it has to take the slavery of the bests in the land to keep her under our slave-chain, so be it. Therefore the custom of silencing Biafra has become one of the foundations of democracy in the West. The USA and Britain go to war indiscriminately – not because their intentions are mostly and actually centered on democracy and freedom for mankind, but on supremacy and oil. And this does not, in any way, justify other countries in pursuit because they are after the same thing: inflicting more wounds and carrying out unjust actions with impunity. I have sat down and seen all these: injustices abound by men who speak democracy. In all of the British and America’s leaders I have known, none has spoken any truth concerning Nigeria so far. This truth is that Nigeria cannot, and therefore, will not go on as one country; it’s practically impossible! The foundation was not built to last, and Britain knows this well enough. Show me one of the skyscrapers in the US or in any other part of the globe that had one of its foundation pillars marginalized in cement, concrete and rods, and I will show you a building that was not completed before it was torn down and rebuilt as one block or as separate quarters.


Let me now tell you why you are a racist, Mr. Clinton…along with people and leaders like you in the West who think that a downed-Africa is an exulted West. America and Britain have always looked for more compelling ways to keep “Blackman” on the leash and  to make Nigeria even worse than it now is, and to insist it remains the abomination it is today as one country. Bill Clinton, a man who has no respect for the sacrament of matrimony, should not utter a word on how Africa should advance. The man Clinton, whose wife saw the truth for forgiveness enough to stand by him through his ordeal, but still has an unrepentant spirit in him not to see that Nigeria has deeply wronged Igbo of the South-East – such man should be silent. But today, instead of telling Nigeria’s leaders to their faces to address the many wounds they have unjustly inflicted on the people of the South-East, he has come with his lying tongue to sow another seed of a continued abomination of an amalgam called Nigeria. I do not have to wonder how far you have gone away from decency and the truth to figure out why you would not stand for the truth: even after you were caught up in Monica Lewinsky’s case of shame, you still denied it until you could not deny any further. No man is entirely free from mistakes but the ability to own on time differentiates men from wolves. When an American president, who has gone through your shame but received mercy could not, for once, speak the truth about Nigeria, then one thing is obvious: you are a chronic racist. And it unmasks a western grand annihilation design against Africa. It also shows that democracy is still lacking – even in America’s presidential elections. The whole Africa should know that every injustice done against Igbo and Biafra is injustice done against the entire continent – and that includes African-Americans, those in the Caribbean and in several other parts of the world. When the Nigerian-Islamic-Colonial force invaded the innocent and right Biafra, Biafran elders sought for help from the European Union. But the EU rejected Biafra – saying that Biafra would become like Japan and that Japan was already too much for Europe. And my question is: why? Were you there when the world was created? What makes you think that the hand that designed creation was not wise enough to know that provisions for survival must be made first? Before God created Adam and Eve, He had created other things first. And there is a self-replicating and producing seed in every plant – so is it in every land; it does not matter the mode of production – everything that produces is a seed.  Why is the West afraid and economical with the truth when it comes to Africa, and especially when it comes to Nigeria: oil, domination, racism, or perhaps blind hatred? For Clinton, his likes and their comments, I would call it racism because from it is birthed every other wickedness that is eating up those who champion it today. The truth they find hard to reveal is that Nigeria’s division will create countries with positive competitive spirit for good because the foundation the West built for Nigeria was for the eternal slavery of the Blackman. They would not want Nigeria to break up and form healthy, secure and prosperous nations which will positively rival them in every area of life. They would not have a free Blackman and they could not imagine a generation of free Africans and that of their spoilt children who have lived all their lives in freedom. It is surely not your love for Nigeria nor your preference for terrorism, nor even your fling with the Islamic faith that propels you to lie to yourself; no! It’s your love for suppression, dominion and extortion – a passion the West has which supersedes whatever they believe in religion or freedom. Boko Haram, Northern lawyers, and Northern leaders have stressed their intention to Islamize Nigeria: what have you said about this if you are a man of truth? So much for today’s leaders who want to be respected! This is what drove you, Bill, to utter insincerity. They would go to war in countries with internal problems – countries that are one and never asked for division but for justice; but they would insist that a country which has fought for division and still has the reasons for the war in abundance would not divide peacefully even when they have been going about it in the most-peaceful manner. Enslaving Africa is no way to make the West and other countries free. It is time to let your children and generation rise up again from the help of Africa; but you can’t rise while you are keeping us down. If these evils persist, the table will turn one day, and like the “Anonymous,” Africa will say: “We do not forgive, we do not forget; we are Legion. Expect us.” Men like Clinton and indeed many westerners do not inherently believe that Africans are human of equal ratings with them. So, in other to keep to their faith, they would allow every form of injustice in Africa as long as it leaves the leash to their grip. This cannot continue! This will not continue!


Well, it’s true that Igbo have no such thing as the power of the American laws which defend Americans but would care less about the rights of others, and would go to where they are not invited just because they stand to reap; it is true, but what is more true is that there a God who will not stand evil and wicked men forever – He will not condone them. He is the God Igbo nation has and He will fight for us and our children to clearly-foreseen victory.  He may seem silent until the oppressed cry to Him for salvation. And, in the name of Jesus Christ, who alone is God in His father our great God, I stand in the gap on behalf of my oppressed people, Ndi-Igbo, and I ask the eternal God of Salvation and Justice to bring salvation and justice in its tail: salvation for the oppressed and justice against those who would not stop oppressing. If the people of Biafra (South-East of what is demonically called Nigeria) do not deserve the rights that America, Britain, the entire Europe, the West and other countries of the world enjoy, then let this injustice and suppression continue. But if those who have had no reasons to condemn us but have been keeping us under slavery have always clamored for their own rights and freedom, let God in heaven arise, and let His enemies be scattered. Let those who enslave and delight in enslaving others be enslaved along with their families. Men have sinned yet God would not condone the act of oppression because it rubs people of the chance for salvation. Let God arise today against every country, leader and family who stands, in any way, against the freedom of Igbo in this world and against the realization of the sovereign state of Biafra. And let those who continually plot evil and machinations against the freedom of my people be enchained by their own evil thoughts against Zion. Amen!


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