Lacie external hard drive is used to store data in large extent. It has many advanced features that are used by the user for the users in. Despite of all the capability that it can store large number of data in it. User might come across certain critical problem, while accessing it and due to this reason user come across many problem like data becomes inaccessible and it might even result in critical data loss situation.

To understand this go for the example, like while working on the Mac that is connected with Lacie external disk. After a while Mac goes to sleep and due to this reason the lacie disk is not spinning down and after waking up. Mac states that drive might not be connected properly. Thereafter it remains unmounted thus results in unable to access entire important data that are stored in it.

So to resolve this problem user would have to find out the reason that is responsible for this problem.

The main reason behind this problem is the lacie external drive goes to sleep and due to this reason the incorrect settings are made in the preferences. So to resolve this problem follow solutions discussed below:

User would have to discuss the problem make use of the energy saver preferences pane that is available under System preferences. It will help the user to create a launch agent that in turn indicates Mac OS X in order to select the hidden files that are present on the affected drive at least once in every minute to let the drive wake again.

At the time when Mac goes to sleep then do not try to unplug the drive in between.

If the need to unplug the drive is required then unmount the Mac system before it goes to sleep mode. In this the associated problem with external lacie disk that goes to sleep get fixed. But after this user can try lacie data recovery software to recover entire deleted or lost data in a safe and secure location.

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