As Jesus directed Christian believers to, “Resist the devil and it shall flee”, so do I call on discerning Ghanaians to resist John Dramani Mahama and he shall scurry away like a frightened dog with its tail tucked in-between its legs. The dog reference or analogy is used figuratively, so the public must please take note and excuse my French.
wpid-Mahama.jpgUntil when are Ghanaians going to sit on their lap, twirling their fingers, hoping for a Messiah to descend from the Higher Firmaments to rescue them from the slavery they are subjected to under the hands of John Mahama and his brigade of the Ghanaian version of? the “Arabian Ali Baba and his forty thieves?”
The Mahama NDC-led government is depleting the coffers of Ghana at such an unprecedented awful rate yet; Ghanaians are powerless to do anything to stop them. The President, John Mahama, does not see the seriousness of his inactions and actions but keeps giving promises upon promises to better things. In effect, he has taken Ghanaians for fools who readily accept his bullshitting for truth to submissively continue to exercise patience with him while he doubles his propensity to steal at the expense and ignorance of the citizens.
While Ghanaians are suffering in their numbers, the hopeless Mahama government, as callous as the Ministers and their Deputies are, continue to scramble for wealth as if all is well with every Ghanaian, and?tomorrow?never come. They ascribe erroneously to the belief of, ?Opportunity knocks but once”. Therefore, they are making hay while the Sun shines. They are stealing as much money as they can while they have the opportunity to be in office as they cannot tell what?tomorrow?may bring. This idea is myopic, scandalous and condemnable.
To John Mahama and his bunch of stealers, “today is?tomorrow’s?yesterday, so do not put totomorrow?what you can do today, for?tomorrow?may be too late for what you can do today”. Simply put, “procrastination is the thief of time. This is why they are stealing all that they can today than to do so little by little into the future.
Whatever their aim is, we can no longer put up with their persistent stealing. We had better tell them that enough is enough. I call on all serious and dedicated Ghanaians to start resisting the evil that Mahama represents in their life. We have to mount collective pressure on him to quit the presidency. We have on various platforms indicated to him that he is corrupt, visionless and incompetent and that he has to look himself in the mirror to start changing his attitudes. However, he does not understand but rather continues to do worse things.
As a work colleague, Alf Wright, once told me, his mum used to say to him when growing up, ?if you don’t hear it, you will feel it?. When he was playing truancy and the mum warned him to stop but he continued to, the mum would grab him by the ear, pinch it and twist it hard. When he started crying, the mum would say as stated above. In the same manner, as Mahama continues to ignore our cries to him about our plight under his government, it is about time we made him feel it.
Let us proceed on public demonstrations. If he still refuses to curtail his corruption to do as we expect of him, then we have to resort to civil insurrection to kick him and his bunch of Ali Baba thieves out of government. Ghanaians should be bold to do this. We should not continue to hope for the angels of God to descend from Heaven to pinch or twist the ears of obstinate Mahama before he does as majority of Ghanaians require of him.
President Mahama, you were not born to rule. You were not trained to rule. You were probably born and trained to steal but that is not what Ghanaians want. Would you please vacate your post if you cannot do as discerning Ghanaians expect of you, oh President “Ede bii keke?”


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