The Nanumba North District Security Council Thursday advised residents of Bimbilla to remain indoors following the firing of gunshots in the town in the morning.

BimbillaThe incidence was allegedly triggered by the Taribabu Butchers Family?s refusal to honour the daily payment of meat to the Regent of Bimbilla as royalties, which is also a form of allegiance payment to him (Regent).

Taribabu Butchers Family have reportedly refused to recognise the authority of the Regent of Bimbilla hence their decision not to pay allegiance to the Regent.

The tensed situation made the Nanumba North District Assembly call for the closure of the Bimbilla Abattoir to ensure peace in the town.

The GNA learnt that Taribabu Butchers Family had sent their meat to the shop to sell but a group of people prevented them from selling at the shop, then they sent the meat to the old market to sell but again they met the same resistance leading to gunshots.

Alhaji Mohammed Ibn Abass, District Chief Executive for Nanumba North, told the Ghana News Agency, in Tamale on Thursday, that he did not know what exactly led to the firing of gunshots in the area but he believed it could be as a result of the closure of the abattoir.

The Nanumba North District Security Council, therefore, advised the residents to remain indoors for their safety as security agencies in the area worked to restore law and order.

Bimbilla is already under a curfew because of some chieftaincy disputes.

Alhaji Limuna Mohammed-Muniru, Northern Regional Minister, told the GNA that an emergency Regional Security Council meeting would be convened to review the situation at Bimbilla.


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