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La Citizens

The La Citizens Network, a community based civil society organisation embarking on developmental projects within La, has appealed to the Government to give Sergeant Adjetey a decent resting place.

Nii Yemo Yemofio, the Country Coordinator of La Citizens Network made the appeal in Accra as part of activities marking the 71st commemoration day of the death of the late Sergeant Adjetey.

It would be recalled that on 28th February 1948, World War II, veteran soldiers who had fought with the Gold Coast Regiment of the Royal West African Frontier Force, organised a peaceful demonstration marching to the Christiansborg Castle, Accra, Gold Coast (Ghana), to hand over a petition to the Colonial Governor, demanding that they receive end of war benefits and pay which they had been promised.

Unfornately, before reaching the Castle, the veterans were ordered at the Christiansborg Crossroad to disperse by a British Colonial Police Officer, however, when they refused, the officer opened fire on them instantly, killing three of the veterans; Sergeant Adjetey, Corporal Attipoe and Private Odartey Lamptey
The incident led to a nationwide upheaval against British Colonial rule; subsequently accelerating the nation’s struggle for independence.

The La Citizens Network in an open letter to the President of the nation in line with the 71st commemoration Day, appealed to the Government to give the late Sergeant Adjetey a decent resting place to inspire patriotism.

Nii Yemofio said prior to the February 28th shooting incident, these over 2,000 men, led by Sgt Adjetey, understood that, independent was not to be asked for, but it was meant to be taken.

He said hence, their contribution to Ghana’s freedom could not be undermined or treated with discontent; their believe for what was good for their country men and women was eminent, even at perils of their lives.

He noted that today, Sgt Adjetey’s final place of rest engulfed by refuse and lies isolated in ruins at the La Cluster of School, whiles countless attempts and calls have been made.

Nii Yemofio said the Group believed that, although the great man proudly emanates from amongst them, he held an important place in the history of Ghana and Africa, hence goes beyond the boundaries of his Family, La or the Gadangme people, and were united in that regard.

He said 28th February 2018 marked the 70th anniversary of the incident;

adding that in 2016, a Committee under the Chairmanship of Major General Samuel Odotei, formed by the President through the La Municipal Assembly recommended the re-internment the mortal remains of Sgt Adjetey.

Nii Yemofio said the report containing lots of recommendations by the Committee made up of various groups from the Network, the Family, La Socio-Economic Development Association, La Traditional Council, the Municipal Assembly, Forces Help Ghana and Veterans Association of Ghana.

Nii Yemofio recounted that the rest were; Ghana Museums and Monuments Board, University of Ghana, Archaeology and Heritage Studies; all of whom were proposing the exhumation of the remains and building of a Cenotaph for Sgt Adjetey at La.

He was hopeful that the internment of the remains was to; give him the accorded burial according to custom, use the platform to preach unity and patriotism, and highlights the connection between the whole of Africa independence to the incident for which the burial grounds should serve as tourist attraction site for future generations of Africa.

He said it also includes, having a decent place for such a noble man out of the rubbish area which does not speak well of them as a people, and to give some level of pride to the people of La that from them came a hero.

Nii Yemofio, added that “lastly as the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Arm Forces, we would like you to have an enquiry into whether or not if he (Sgt Adjetey) qualifies for a promotion”.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) Nii Oten Granaky I, Member of the La Traditional Council, who laid a wreath on behalf of the La Citizens, reiterated the need to celebrate past heroes.

He said though it was being observed at the 28th February Crossroad they deemed it special for the people of La because among the three people who were killed, he was the only one identified and brought to La, to be buried.

Nii Granaky I told the GNA that the Government had promised to help relocate the remains of Sgt Adjetey to the new site; saying this would boost tourism; as people would not only commemorate the day but would visit Sgt Adjetey’s Cenotaph.


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