As this year’s Referendum, District Assemblies and Unit Committee Elections draw closer, it is necessary to solicit the views of the public and their perception towards the upcoming exercise.

In an interview conducted by the Ghana News Agency with some residents of Kwashieman Official-Town, the outcome was that residents were unhappy with the level of work done by incumbent assembly members.

Residents also demonstrated little knowledge concerning the upcoming District Level Elections and Referendum.
Madam Sarah Odarkai, a seamstress and petty trader, said all she knew about the role of assembly members was that they were mandated to provide development for the entire district.

However, she expressed disappointment at the absence of any form of development in the area throughout her eight-year stay in the neighborhood.

“It’s sad that they have failed us and we are not seeing the development changes we expect. I have been here for 8 years but have not seen any single change in the area,” she said.

Expressing her view on the upcoming referendum, she said, it is a positive step and if the Metropolitan Municipal District Chief Executives (MMDCE’s) are elected by citizens, it would make them accountable to citizens.

However, if they were rather appointed by the President of the Republic, they would be reluctant and not execute their duties as required of them because they knew they won’t be accountable to the public.

Auntie Lamiley, (as she prefers to be called), a Waakye vendor, said the presence of bad roads and absence of drainage systems are the major problems faced by residents.

“The truth is that we have never voted for any assembly member who has brought any form of development changes here. Due to the absence of drainage systems, people pour all sorts of liquid waste on the road which is adding up to its already deteriorated state,” she said.

She said the only time residents witnessed any form of development was when elections were fast approaching, adding that these projects were done in a hurry and never lasted long to serve the needs of residents.

Concerning the upcoming referendum, she said, it is best for the President to appoint MMDCE’s because he alone knew the person, his capabilities and how best he, the President, could work with him or her to channel development into various communities.

Mrs Gloria Asante, a trader in sewing items, also expressed worry over the absence of drains which has led to the accumulation of all forms of liquid on the roads.

She said the accumulation of liquid waste on the road has put the road in a bad state making it difficult to use and the potholes has led to the breakdown of many vehicles that ply the road.

Mrs Asante was of the view that MMDCEs should be voted into power because electorates knew these candidates better and knew who could serve in their best interest.

Some candidates vying for the assembly elections within the Kwashieman Official-Town Assembly Area are: Mr Samuel Ebo Amoh, Mr Frederick Annor, alias “Teacher Annor”, Gideon Yeboah Amoaning, alias “Bozey”
The incumbent Assembly Member is Mr Edmund Nii Amaah Lomo, alias “Big Bro”.

The District Assemblies and Unit Committee Elections and Referendum will be held on December 17.

The purpose of the upcoming referendum is to seek if Ghanaians are “in favour of the Bill to amend Clause 3 of Article 55 of the 1992 Constitution to allow political parties to sponsor candidates for election to district assemblies or lower local government units.


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