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Event Place: Equator Bar
Name of Event: Republic Saturdays
Location: La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra.
Concept Owner | Event Organizers: SocialGH/Higrade Media
Maiden Open Date: Saturday March 3, 2012

Twitter: @socialgh | trending  as #RepublicSaturdays | #RS


Republic Saturdays is a weekly recurring nightlife event every Saturday night to be held at Equator Bar located in La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra. The night will feature amazing promotions for brands, happenings, events and entertainment including incredible house music DJs, such as Resident DJ and guest DJs like DJ GunShot, DJ Koshay and some of the big names in the afrobeats dance music industry, including Yaa Pono, StoneBwouy, Big Chris (U.K Base), Apaatse and many others on complimentary invitation.

Republic Saturdays is basically an entertaining time-out event scheduled to take place every Saturday. Considering the work load and rate one goes through within the week, socialGH/Higrade Media Consult has come out with this concept to make nightlife experience more fun and rewarding rather than ordinary nightclub activities and to create a stress-free environment to distress after a busy working week.

Equator Bar the hottest and exquisite location there is to offer for Ghanaian College and corporate social peeps nightlife fun. One hotel, Endless possibilities offering creative and powerful clubbing experience to bring the nightlife alive; high-energy blend of good afrobeats music, exotic small chops and drinks, a first-class bar and corner Lounge makes Equator Bar the ultimate destination for event gatherings like the Republic Saturdays.

For those seeking a little more excitement, Republic Saturdays offer the corporate/college blend of entertainment with afrobeats, song request, celebrity photo shoots, interacting with friends in/outside the event via Twitter, traditional feel of palm wine, creating a platform to network and have fun whilst getting corporate bodies to promote their brands strategically and launch events as well.

Republic Saturdays starts from 5pm – 12am and will involve some participatory activities for patrons. The atmosphere is going to be a calm and sociable one with a host of artist and celebrities adding up to the fun. The event is divided into two which are the ‘Normal Saturdays –Republic Lite” and the ‘Action Saturdays –Republic Hyper’.

The Normal Saturdays will be the Initial-Saturdays [first 2-3 Saturdays] of every month which will involve music of Afrobeats ‘African origins’ that is hiplife, GHRap, highlife, borga-highlife, contemporary highlife music and jazz music. The Action Saturdays will be the last-Saturdays [Last 2 Saturdays] of every month. The Republic Lite will host artist from the above mentioned music categories and the Republic Hyper will host an artist, a stand-up comedy, a time to chit chat and socialize (to promote cordiality among individuals present) and also, Brand Promotion opportunities will be given some few minutes about special products and services on offer by corporate’ and other Republic Saturdays special competitions with very special palm wine served in calabash and chicken, small chops with meat and/or pork section, celebrity photo shoots and more.


The ultimate will be to offer YOUNG AFROBEATS TALENTS the opportunity to shine and promotions of afrobeats as music for the discerning listener…

Republic Saturdays Road Map with Dates

Republic Lite Theme: Feel Easy with afrobeats, Guest Artist, in-house brand/event/happening promos, dance-floor action, Half-Price on drinks, Live Twitter Interaction & 3Hour-Clubber

Republic Hyper Theme: Dress to Impress, Stay-Up Late, Spend More, Guest Artist, Stand-up Comedy, Meet the celebrity, Vote Afrobeats tune of the month, Photo-shoot Arena, Request-Line, Palm-wine special, Live Twitter Interaction & 3Hour-Clubber


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