Reps promise thorough constitution review
On May 10, 2012 · In News

By Ben Agande
Abuja—House of Representatives, yesterday, said there would be no ‘No-Go’ area in the review of the 1999 Constitution, noting that the interests of all segments of the Nigerian society would be taken into consideration.

Chairman of the media sub-committee of the House of Representatives committee on the review of the constitution, Ubani Eziuche, who addressed a press conference on the activities of the committee, said it would not restrict its work to certain provisions, stressing that it would not shy away from areas considered contentious.

According to him, in order to ensure that all critical issues pertaining to the constitution are captured, a retreat for members of the committee had been scheduled for the end of May to enable it outline its work plan and review memoranda so far received from the public.

He said issues like creation of states, listing of new local government councils in the constitution, financial autonomy for state legislatures, and other issues will be considered by the committee as Nigerians deemed fit and in the overall interest of the country.

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