Mr Rockson Bukari, the Upper East Regional Minister, has called on the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly to provided regular accounts to citizens in the Municipality, on the use of resources it receives from tax payers.

“When the people are convinced of the judicious use of their taxes, then they are more than ready to pay what is expected of them”, the Minister said.

Mr Bukari, who was speaking at the Municipal’s Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, said the development of the Municipality was the collective responsibility of both the Assembly and the people and entreated them to take interest in what happens at the Assembly.

Mr Bukari said some revenue collectors collected money without issuing receipts, while others collected goods instead of money thinking they were just cheating the Assembly but rather defrauding the people.

He said if the revenue was collected genuinely, it would have solved some of the infrastructural challenges including building more clinics and other state institutions for public use in the region.

The Minister expressed dissatisfaction with the rate of open defecation in the Region adding that the Region ranked last nationwide because households lacked toilet facilities, and called for stringent measures to eradicate the concern.

Mr Bukari said the Region hit 130 percent of its target, while other Assemblies were struggling to attain 50 per cent of their targets.

He said the Region could not afford to relax on the issue of open defecation and directed all the Assemblies to form task forces to arrest those who defecate openly for prosecution.

“We are also giving landlords who do not have toilets in their houses three months to provide them or have their houses closed down. People should report such landlords to the Assembly’s sanitation unit because you will be disgraced before the whole world if you are found defecating openly”, he said.

Speaking on buildings in the Municipal, Mr Bukari expressed concern about the uncontrollable illegal structures springing up in the Municipality without respect to building guidelines and implored the people to apply to the Assembly for building permits or risk losing their structures.

He said the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo had directed the Lands Commission not to spend over two months to prepare a land document and called on residents to report to the Assembly should there be a delay in the process.

The Minister refuted claims that he was moving the proposed airstrip earmarked for the Region and situated at Sumbrungu, a suburb of Bolga, to Sherigu within the same traditional area which had caused some friction between the two communities.

He said such allegations cause unnecessary disturbances and had the tendency to scare away investors from the Region.

He called for unity and said, “Let’s devote our time to deal with how we can all put our shoulders on the wheel called Bolga, so that we drive it towards the destination we all wish it to be.”

Source: GNA/


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