In order to discard the crowd and maintain a decent and fair level of transparency in selection of candidates for various posts in private companies especially of IT sector placement papers are the new method of judging. Such papers, which are designed on the parallel lines of popular competitive exam papers and are required to be qualified in order to bag a seat in a college. They either may be of a complete technical level or would also include basic awareness, verbal aptitude along with basic high school level of mathematical questions as well. It is now becoming a norm for every company to have its placement paper ready in order to induct new candidates into the company.

In computer technology cts or Cognizant Technology Solutions which is responsible for the development of all programs and soft wares to fulfill the requirements of various domestic as well as international clients.

This company is a high-level recruiter from various engineering colleges all over the country and is known for its bulk intake, which can mount up to the tune of half of the strength of the candidates sitting for placements as well. Hence, introduction of cts placement papers is not a new story as it is the pioneer in this field and has paved the way for others to follow suit as well.

Talking about software companies one cannot ignore the name of wipro technology which was the first Indian company developed and founded by Mr. Azim Premji. It has acquired the status of being the largest exporter of software solutions and bulk programs for the purpose of corporate use. This company has standardized its selection procedure by incorporating such papers as well, which would help in the smooth processing of recruitment drive for a particular season.

The wipro placement papers are also efficient and self-explanatory in their own way as they are quoted as being designed in a very simplistic and easy to decipher manner.  

Quite similar is the case of Tata Consultancy Services or tcs as it is popularly known as in the market. Hence, the tcs placement papers which are so fabricated so as to only select the deserving and discard the trash are taken as a standard norm in the entire industry are of much pertinence from the candidate and employees point of view. This is a brain child of none other than the late J.R.D. Tata who was the founder of Tata Info solutions and technology.

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