Sao Paulo is the most superlative metropolis of Brazil. The city is blessed with numerous attractions and major cultural centers, combining with ethnic diversity catering to many tourist needs. Be awestruck by a Sao Paulo vacation that takes in vibrant cultural hot spots, futuristic urban marvels and diverse ethnic foods. From modernist museums showcasing the latest avant-garde trends to Japanese neighborhoods with ramen houses, a stay at a Sao Paulo hotel uncovers the richness of life in this great metropolis.


Sao Paulo is sanctified with abundant attractions that astonish and amuse visitors. With Cheap Flights to Sao Paulo experience the impressive city.

The city offers several attractions such as the Zoologico which is a home to 3,000 animal species with a well planned petting area to get up close to the many species of sociable animals. The Sao Paulo Playcenter is an enlivening place that calls for travelers who are seeking fun. There are many rides, games and the biggest roller coaster in Brazil. Being a cultural center this city is a house to many art galleries and museums where tourist can experience some of the finest Brazilian art. Witness the myriad of museums ranging from immigrations, sacred art to Japanese history. Visitors can succumb to the vivacity of Sao Paulo’s vigorous cultural scene and delectable cuisines. The lodging facilities offered within the city premises are top ranked and speak of gracious hospitality. Every moment spent within the fringe of Sao Paulo is worth to be cherished and appreciated life long.  With Flights to Sao Paulo witness the architectural wonders of the marvelous city. Modernist behemoths of creativity stand side by side with elaborate neoclassical buildings and gallant 21st-century constructions. The Centro’s mammoth Gothic Catedral Metropolitan stands near 17th-century extravagant churches while mammoth structures dot the vast parkland of Parque do Ibirapuera. Be enthralled by the audacious structure of the Museum de Arte de Sao Paulo’s red concrete and dark glass and take in the revolutionary modern design of the scissor-like bridge at Ponte Estaiada Octávio Frias de Oliveira.

Blissful Offerings

Whether it’s domestic Brazilian comfort food or Middle-Eastern haute cuisine, a Sao Paulo vacation tempt every taste bud. Restaurants in the city offer wondrous ethnic fare of tantalizing flavours. The local flavours of Sao Paulo are sure to allure you to keep returning to the city for more. The food served within the city environs is the best and matches up to any major culinary ranked country in the world. With Cheap Flights to Sao Paulo taste the gastronomic diversity of the splendid city. Sao Paulo does not disappoint you in its offerings of nightlife & other entertainment. With Sao Paulo Flights succumb to the dynamism of Sao Paulo’s energetic cultural scene. Classical music fans congregate to the Luz district’s Sala Sao Paulo, while art lovers admire Brazilian modernists’ work at the neoclassical museum Pinacoteca do Estado. Meander the eccentric contemporary galleries in Pinheiros and learn the Pandolfo brothers’ colourful street art in trendy Vila Madalena. Sao Paulo’s nightlife is a reflection of its cosmopolitan image. Its bars and clubs are spread out around the city. From edgy industrial super-clubs to the joyous samba bars of bohemian Pinheiros, with Flights to Sao Paulo experience the eclectic nightlife. Sensational lounge, deckchairs at poolside cocktail bars overlooking the city’s urban jungle or traditional bars, the options are inexhaustible.

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