Life & Style magazine has learned that Justin Bieber is planning to go on a two-week silent yoga retreat in India.

“Justin wants some peace and quiet,” an insider tells Life & Style. “On this yoga retreat, you aren’t even allowed to have your cellphone on.”

“He’s fairly new to yoga and has only been to a few classes, but he’s become really passionate about it because it helps him relax, focus and escape the stress of everyday life,” the insider explains.

That stress played a role in the decision Justin, 23, made in July to cancel the final 14 dates of his Purpose World Tour. He said he was looking forward to “getting some relaxation,” and two weeks of silence should help on that front.

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“Justin is adamant about leading a normal life,” the insider adds. “One of the good things about going on a silent yoga retreat is that he won’t have any screaming fans to contend with.”