A traditional ruler has called for effective collaboration between religion and traditional culture to promote acceptable socio-cultural and moral values in society.

Nana Adu Ameyaw II, the Chief of Effiduase in the Sekyere East District, said bridging the religion and cultural gap in society was crucial not only in inculcating good moral values in the youth but also in aiding the socio-economic development of the country.


Speaking at a joint thanksgiving service organised by the Effiduase Traditional Council and the Effiduase Local Council of Churches (LCC) at Effiduase, Nana Ameyaw said total disregard of tradition in development planning was partly to blame for the present state of affairs in the country.

“The nation has not seen the required and expected development due to the fact that majority of the citizens relate to religion, while disregarding the tradition, history and cultural values of their families and communities,” he said.

“A situation which disconnects them from the society in which they originated from.”

Nana Ameyaw stated that it was important for every Ghanaian, irrespective of his or her religious background, to have a strong knowledge, sense of connection and belonging to the history, tradition and culture of the community in which he or she originated.

This would help people identify with their culture and tradition, promote peace and harmonious living among citizens to facilitate the development needed in communities, he said.

“They should be involved in the traditional governance and matters that concern them since that was a direct institution constituted by our forefathers that brings love, togetherness and sense of belonging, which was very distinct to our nation,” he said.

Nana Ameyaw said religion should not be made to separate people who had common destiny and aspirations.

“It should rather bring us together under one God Almighty, who is one in all but created human in diversity and uniqueness to beautify his creation and handiworks.’’

Nana Ameyaw said effective collaboration between churches, mosques, traditional authorities and local government authorities would go a long way to promote development in the areas including health, education, water and sanitation as well as environmental protection in society.

He commended the Effiduase LCC for the collaboration and urged all community members to live in harmony with their neighbours by respecting and tolerating their differences in religion and culture to speed up the development of their communities and the nation as a whole.

Reverend Solomon Asiamah Okyere, the Chairman of the LCC, said the churches within the area would continue to propagate the message of mutual cooperation and coexistence among the people irrespective of their religion and cultural values.

He commended the Effiduase Traditional Council for their collaboration and support for the growth of churches and other religious organisations in the community, which had helped to promote peace and development.


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