CO2 recovery plant is definitely an organic chemical raw substance. It could possibly be used for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, additives, along with other organic intermediates in natural and organic synthesis. In the leather marketplace, formic acid utilized for the reason that substitute for inorganic artificial acid is utilized for your ash removal and hair removal of tanning, lime neutralization, mildew prevention of wet leather, acid rinse in the textile market, as well as the preservation of green fodder and grain. Formic acid has important functions of inhibiting and protecting against the growth of mildew. Formic acid may be employed as acid coagulant for latex, coagulant for cement, etcetera.

In worldwide formic acid applications, the formic acid application to leather business accounts for 25%.

The applying to agriculture accounts for 20%, as well as software into the textile business accounts for 15%. The appliance to rubber cohesion accounts for 10%, and the software to other fields accounts for 15%. Formic acid has very little effect on the planet. The use quantity of formic acid is ever-increasing. Formic acid breaks down into carbon dioxide and water when being applied, and as a consequence, air pollution just isn’t induced. At this moment, the worldwide formic acid creation is mainly distributed in Europe. It really is expected that in the next number of yrs, formic acid production can have wide software prospective customers in Asia.

Manufacturing technology circumstance and progress

The formic acid products engineering utilizes the formic acid plant to produce formic acid from the a series of oxidations of formaldehyde created from the oxidation of methanol within the tube reactor, and 85% formic acid is acquired by eliminate surplus h2o during the fractionation tower.

The commercial formic acid technological innovation incorporates the systems of sodium formate, formamide, butane (or light oil) liquid-phase oxidation and methyl formate hydrolysis.

The sodium paraformaldehyde equipment know-how is a conventional formic acid manufacturing technological innovation along with the down sides of bad functioning situations and significant air pollution. Several industrialized nations have removed the technologies. The formamide technology developed because of the German BASF enterprise was subsequently eliminated by way of its substantial production expenses. Currently, the methyl formate hydrolysis know-how is principally adopted for creating formic acid and accounts for more

The methyl formate hydrolysis technologies adopts the theory that methanol and CO carbonylation are put together into methyl formate first of all; secondly, methyl formate is processed by means of hydrolysis to provide formic acid and methanol, and methanol is recycled. The technological innovation is usually categorized by unique technology qualities to the Kemira-Leonard know-how, the Bethlechem-Shell technological know-how, the BASF engineering and also the USSR technology. The four hydrolysis systems have their own positive factors. The Kemira-Leonard technological innovation has the minimum expenditure and gives you probably the most reasonable and economical know-how process.

Current market state of affairs

The global major 4 formic acid machine companies and their manufacturing potential are Germany’ BASF Firm (193,000 t/a), Finland Kemira Enterprise (80,000 t/a), Russian Techmashimpor Business (80,000 t/a) and British British petroleum Enterprise (6.5 million t/a). The British petroleum Firm employs light oil liquid stage oxidation technological innovation, and also the other a couple of corporations make use of the formic acid methanol hydrolysis technological know-how. The use of formic acid is the biggest in leather business, mainly because formic acid is utilized in tanning and leather processing to prevent mildew. The second big usage of formic acid is in agriculture, for the reason that formic acid is used to preserve the green fodder and grain. Europe, Asia-Pacific as well as the Americas desire for formic acid at the percentage of four:two: l. Europe with formic acid overcapacity could be the region of exporting formic acid into the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Gurus predict which the application prospect of formic acid is fairly wide in Asia. By now, formic acid in Asia is principally utilised like a coagulant for natural rubber, as well as the need for formic acid in Asian feed markets can have an enormous advancement in the future.

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