Hon Rotimi Makinde
Hon Rotimi Makinde


A Killer at Loose, Is Like a Lost Gun
A Killer at Loose, Is Like a Lost?GunI read a statement with deep amusement, credited to a certain Omisore by one victor oriola , I guess on behalf of one of my constituents in Ife, in Sunday Tribune (Page 7) titled ??Omisore Accuses Osun Gov of Instigating Violence? (5th May, 2013), this publication also received circulation in Sunday Newswatch (Page 4).
For the record, I have utmost respect for the Omisores, but I understand a certain media aide who lacks dignity sought to ridicule and treat with disdain our revered leader and Governor of State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola by attempting to drag the good name this political colossus has built for many years in the mud, but the good news is that this vicious motive ostensibly failed.
The writer claimed to be a blind serving servant of Sen Iyiola Omisore, and clearly seeking public sympathy and relevance for him, he chose to go on a delusional and self-serving blackmail.I expected the writer to join me in seeking for peace in Osun rather he has refused to address numerous concerns that bother on high profile killings in the state, plus the death of former Attorney-General of Nigeria, Chief Bola Ige and the killings of my Five kinsmen a night to the National Assembly polls in 2011.
This hatchet job indulged vainly in what can only be described as an utterly vulgar and distasteful form of intellectual, spiritual and psychological derailment by telling us someone was making effort to rupture peace in the state, this is the most laughable comic any sane mind could ever think of.
His outburst was nothing but the usual smear campaign and a crude attempt to intimidate and distract, which has been their hallmark in Ife and by extension the State of Osun which he and his master hacks, whenever they are faced with even the mildest form of criticism. I will not dignify most of the insulting and childish submissions with a response, other than to say he told a shameless and pernicious lie in a statement issued.
For anybody to think a bill board meant to call for caution and to promote peace was targeted at him is certainly madness and local sense of reasoning…I have always been at the receiving end but the maturity in me coupled with my high sense of responsibility has always made me triumph despite series of known attacks on my person including the killings on the altar all in the name of politics…This ranting continue to resonate simply because the killer remain at loose despite my offer to pay 5m Naira to anyone who could help with information to assist the police.
Signed: Hon Rotimi Makinde
Representing Ife Federal Constituency,
House Deputy Chairman, Human Rights Committee.


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