The PPP has been following with keen interest the campaign trail of the NDC and is deeply worried that the ruling party is not offering any concrete proposals as solutions to the country’s numerous developmental challenges.
Against this background, the party?s national secretary has urged Ghanaians to ?reject the NDC? and vote the PPP for a competent and an incorruptible leadership.



Mr. Kofi Asamoah-Siaw made the call in a press release issued in Accra yesterday.
While appreciating the need for political parties to have campaign slogans, he cautioned that those slogans cannot be substitutes for concrete and practical programmes and policies that a political party presents to deal with the challenges facing the country.
?The NDC presidential candidate, Mr. John Dramani Mahama, has been engaging in communication gimmick making statements without any substance to transform this country,? a statement from the PPP commented, further stating that? ?All we hear from the NDC Presidential Candidate and other leading members of the party as they canvass for votes are ?we will win one touch,? ?God has ordained NDC to win the 2012 elections,? ?We are Working for You,? ?We are continuing the better Ghana Agenda,? ?People Matter, You Matter,?? Mr. Asamoah-Siaw said.

The statement argues that slogans and propaganda have outlived their usefulness and ?the PPP is advising the NDC to do more than sloganeering and present to the electorate policy options for Ghanaians to make informed choices in the December polls, noting that Ghana deserves better politicking than ?we are getting from the NDC.?

Furthermore, the PPP scribe admonished that the current challenges facing the country include but not limited to the massive failure at the BECE level, unprecedented unemployment rate, high incidence of abject poverty, rotten farm produce during bumper harvest, constant collapse of local industries, abuse of incumbency and corruption at the highest level of government in the name judgement debts.

?What are the policy options from the NDC that address these challenges,?? the PPP quizzed?suggesting that the PPP has proposed free compulsory continuous basic education from kindergarten to SHS, using the State’s purchasing power to create jobs and eradicating preventable diseases, expanding the school feeding programme to all schools, electing MMDCs and separating the Attorney-General’s Office from the Ministry of Justice.
The new found third force in Ghana?s politics threw the challenge to the NDC that it was watching and waiting to hear from them concluding that??Ghanaians must be awake to their deception, reject the NDC and vote the PPP for competent and incorruptible leadership.?


Source: Today Newspaper


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