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So, why should you reinvent yourself? One reason is that you have the ability to make changes to your life and give it a makeover. This may not happen overnight, but it?s worth it. Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony? Chances are that everyone has. Remember that guests are normally whaaooed when they see the bride. You know what? It?s the same lady you used to know, all that has happened for that special day of hers was to reinvent ? hire or ask friends to make changes to her looks and present herself differently.
Did you know that whenever you visit the barbing or hair dresser?s , what you?re doing is to ask the barber or hairdresser to reinvent ? make changes to the way you look ? you? Yeah!
A more important reason to make a habit of reinventing yourself is that things change in this our consumer world and if you don?t want to be bitter about those moving with the times , you need to find a way of coming to the party. Remember this, change is the only permanent thing in life. Besides, life?s situations change , your income and position also go through changes. You may find yourself earning more than you used to, or may even be jobless for sometime. Moreover, opportunities and problems will always surface, and while it is impossible to take advantage of all or most of them, you should fancy one or two, here and there. Many former Nigerian footballers, actors and athletes couldn?t reinvent themselves and stop being spendthrifts during the peak periods of their earning power. Quite unfortunate that some have spent their last days on earth, living from hand to mouth.
Super Eagles coach, Steven Keshi, is a class act. So also is Samson Siasia and a couple of others. These dudes reinvented themselves and while many of their peers disappeared without trace or ran out of money, the coaching courses and other changes the likes of Keshi made prepared them for the second half of their lives and careers.
Beyonc??s rapper husband, Jay Z, was an artiste and music producer until a little over two weeks ago, when he co-founded a new music streaming service, Tidal. Smart guy, he is aware that he?s never going to be able to churn out any hits ten or even five years from now. Even if he could, he has gone one step ahead of the crowd by leveraging his stardom and that of his wife in creating another stream of income ? albeit a service ? for both themselves and their co- investors like Alicia Keys and Madonna.
According to a page 3 report in the London Metro of April 1, he said the reason for launching this business is because: ?people are not respecting the music, and devaluing what it really means.?
He continued: ?People feel like music is free but will pay $6 for water. You can drink water free out of the tap, and it?s good water. But they?re okay paying for it. ?
To be honest, you probably don?t have a celebrity wife like Beyonc? or an A- list set of friends, but that shouldn?t stop you reinventing yourself. A few years ago, we used to count Omotola Jalade Ekehinde among Nollywood stars, but she has reinvented herself. Desmond Elliot himself used to be on set with fellow actors, but he reinvented himself and is now heading towards the Lagos House of Assembly at Alausa. Guess what? He?s just on break from his acting career. It?s not over.
As stated last week, the one thing that Bill Gates and the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr have in common with Aare Afe Babalola is that they have all reinvented themselves. Mayweather Jr doesn?t just throw punches, he is also a promoter. Gates was probably getting bored of moving up and down the top ten list of the richest men on earth, and found something else to do. He reinvented himself and became a philanthropist. You?ll probably hear him talk of eradicating malaria these days than Microsoft. Babalola did same, using part or all of the money he made in his legal career to start a university. Why wait until clients no longer come to your chambers?
IPOs Coming to the market:Part of reinventing yourself could be knowing what is happening in the stock market. If newspaper reports of Monday this week are anything to go by, some Initial Public Offerings could hit the market later this year. You don?t have to invest, but be curious. Curiosity may kill the cat, but not a potential investor.

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