Federal Medical Centre, Jalingo, Taraba,

A dentist at the Federal Medical Centre, Jalingo, Taraba, Miss Joy Joseph, on Wednesday advised residents of the state to go for teeth check-up after every six months.


Joseph stressed that the check-up would prevent tooth decay and mouth odour.

According to her, food particles that sticked to the teeth over time were responsible for most cases of tooth complaints by patients.

?A combination of glucose and protein present in the saliva which is formed readily after brushing the teeth enhances food substances to form that whitish substance on the tooth surface.

?If the plague or whitish substance is left for long without removal, it hardens and formed some dark dents called calculus.

?The presence of the calculus overtime destroys the gums and loosens the tooth from its socket,? she said.

Joseph said most of her patients were not brushing their teeth properly.

?The upper jaw is supposed to be properly swept downwards from the gums to the teeth, while the lower jaw should be swept upward, taking three teeth at a time.

?When you brush the teeth in these ways, you are not only massaging the gums but also ensuring that food particles that sticked to the teeth are removed.

?However, tooth brush must be disposed once its bristles scatter and brushing should be done after breakfast and dinner,? she said.

On dietary mouth odour, the dentist encouraged people to always gargle their mouth with water, especially after taking beverages and eating spicy foods


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