Trademark is the fundamental element that a company should contain, if it intends to offer any kind of product or service. Without a trademark, it is very difficult to acquire proper market position or brand identity. You can obtain your trademark registration by filing an application to the Indian Government or in any other country where you are residing. If you have a global business expansion, you have to be registered in the respective places as well. Trademark registration is the primary evidence of your ownership for the firm in terms of the products covered under the registration. It is one of the most cost effective and fastest ways to take a secure possession of your monopoly rights. Registration can be acquired within duration of around four months. Eventhough the common law considers unregistered rights but it becomes very difficult for the claimant to accrue the passing off rights without proper evidence.

Trademark registration will always keep you on a safer side as it prevents others to use your domain or company name. In order to be registered you need to fulfil certain criteria. Firstly the trademark should be distinctive in nature. Your trademark should not resemble other registration or applications of earlier trademarks. A market research is generally being conducted to check the availability of the present trademark; if it is already available in the market then you need to change the trademark and opt for any other new option. Trademark symbol commonly written as “TM”, is the most essential part to identify that a company has a trademark. However it does not denote registered trademark. A company is trademark registered when it uses the (®) symbol. TM can be used by anybody. You have a legal right to promote your company products / services if you are using a registered trademark symbol. Company registration is the primary step contributing to the foundation of a company or an enterprise…it gives a legal licence to an organisation and its products to be sold in the market. Nowadays company registration process has become easier. It can be done online by filling up a company registration form. The required documents, fees and forms can be submitted through the agents (only through registered and authorised ones) to the Companies House and it will do the needful for the same. This saves much of your time. Company registration can be divided into several categories like Private Limited Company (Ltd.), Public Limited Company (PLC), Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) etc. However if you are facing any problem for your company registration, take help from the registration agents. These agents verify the accuracy and availability of the company name; they can be quick to find the registered office for company formation; will help you to prepare the Memorandum of Association and other documents required; to register for corporation tax commonly called as VAT etc.The purpose behind a company formation is doing business with the investors and developing customers for its products. To do this a company needs to be registered with a trademark which gives it a legal identity. This process is called company incorporation. Company incorporation in the market depends on its business activities (service, manufacturing etc.), liabilities or assets, Membership (Government, Public and Private), where the company is registered (Foreign or Indian) and control of shareholders.In India, copyright registration authorises the creators of various materials like literature, designs, music, paintings, broadcasts, film etc. with the economic right to control the usage of their properties by others. If any other company or an individual wants to use these personalised pieces of art, he needs to take the permission or is required to pay a cost to the creator of the same.

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