More than 200 truck drivers from the East African region have parked their vehicles at the Uganda-South Sudan border protesting the killing of their colleague by suspected militia.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, Aswa River Region police spokesperson, told Xinhua by telephone on Thursday that Samu Nyonjeza Yako was shot dead last week and his body was brought to Uganda at the weekend for burial.

He said Yako was killed at Rumbek Town in the Lakes State of South Sudan.

The drivers under their umbrella body, East African Drivers Association, parked their vehicles at the Elegu border point, claiming their lives are not safe and, therefore, they can not enter South Sudan.

“We take it as a concern that drivers are protesting. However, they are protesting from the wrong side. The driver was not killed in Uganda. They should cross and protest from the South Sudan side in order for their concerns to be heard,” Okema said.

Okema said he had received reports that the driver was killed after refusing to give money to a group of armed personnel who had staged a road block.

“Those drivers themselves know that South Sudan is still not stable and going there is a risk. We normally have meetings with security personnel from South Sudan but what we agree on is not what is implemented,” Okema said.

He said there were reports that the armed personnel in South Sudan had taken sometime without receiving salaries and may be it was the reason they had resorted to extorting money from travelers.

He urged the South Sudanese security officers to ensure that drivers and other travelers are safe. Enditem


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