Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Ethiopia To Motivate New Entrepreneurs

The East African Community’s secretariat has teamed up with German International Cooperation (GIZ) in a new drive towards empowering small traders, young entrepreneurs and women traders operating in border posts.

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme is going to be substantially expanded and extended across the whole of Ethiopia


Announcing the programme here on Wednesday, EAC head of communication unit Richard Owora said the move is meant to strengthen communication and sensitization of EAC’s achievements as well as popularizing integration benefits to all East Africans.
He said the programme is expected to involve entrepreneurs who do their businesses in Mutukula and Sirari/Isebania borders.
Owora said EAC-GIZ will conduct sensitization workshops on how the beneficiaries would be able to explore potentials embedded in the EAC’s Common Market Protocol which came in full swing in 2010.
“In these workshops, special attention will be given to the free movement of goods, capital, persons and labor across EAC partner states,” the official said, adding that the workshops will be complemented by trainings on customs clearing procedures, including payment of taxes and the consequences of crossing the border without a valid travel document.
“Training guidelines will be developed to increase knowledge about cross-border trade for the selected target groups. EAC-GIZ will also be engaging community based media in disseminating EAC information, education and communication as a means of reaching out to more East Africans,” he said.
“The potential for cross-border trade and related economic impact at border communities are not entirely explored because remote communities have very little or no knowledge of the integration or its benefits,” he said.
“With these workshops, border communities and the small traders will gain essential skills and knowledge from the best practices and lessons learned in the integration process,” he said, “EAC-GIZ sensitization workshops at border communities will encourage ownership and protection of the integration process by EAC citizens.”
The first round of the sensitization workshops were held between June and July 2014 along the Makamba border between Burundi and Tanzania, and along the Rusumo border between Tanzania and Rwanda. As a result of these workshops, the local communities around those border posts are reaping the rewards from the extended markets on both sides of their borders. Enditem



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