Not minding that is she from the Igbo tribe, Regina Chukwu takes a bold step with the production of a hitch-free classic Yoruba movie with high production level and techniques. The 110 minutues movie divided into two parts, is quite commendable from the stable of Triple ?R? production and Okiki films owned by Sunday Esan. The slick finesse with which Regina Chukwu (Ewatomi Makanjuola) plays the role of a good girl gone bad is one she has not been associated with in the past years, aside from the regular roles of street girl or school girl.? Also, thumbs-up to Muyiwa Ademola and Antar Laniyan who were luminous in their respective roles.

Ewatomi is a story centered on a very wealthy man who has no immediate family other than his workers at home and in the office. He later falls in love with his secretary which led to his eventual downfall. Starring Antar Laniyan, Muyiwa Ademola, Kunle Afod, Joke Muyiwa, Allwell Ademola, Yemi Terry, Regina Chukwu, Abolanle Abdulsalam and Oyelere Abiodun and many more, Ewatomi tells the story of a widower, Otunba, played by Antar Laniyan, whom inspite of his wealth, finds it difficult to get married to another woman after his loses his wife to death.

He was promiscuous,? engaging in several extra martial affairs which led to his sudden disconnection with his only son, Kunle Afod, whom after introducing his girlfriend to his father, plays a fast one on his son by having a fling with his son?s wife to be.

After several attempts by Otunba to get married again considering the pressure his cook, (Joke Muyiwa) mounted on him, he fell in love with his secretary, Ewatomi who is the girlfriend to Otunba?s personal assistance, (Muyiwa Ademola). One thing led to another as Ewatomi finally got married to Otunba, a game plan between Muyiwa Ademola and Ewatomi.

It is pertinent to give credit to the director, Kunle Afod with the creation of a twist in the movie as seen in the flick where the duo of Muyiwa Ademola and Regina Chukwu met their waterloo right in the house of Otunba where they were caught making. ?Otunba was shocked to discover that his wife to be whom he had made the head of his companies betrayed him just to have his property. Ewatomi shortly after the death of Otunba, in turn, neglected her partner in crime after discovering he was also planning an attack on her. She played a fast one by assassinating Muyiwa Ademola.

In all, this is a well-made movie and it is obvious that a lot of professional effort went into its pre-production, production, and post-production. Believe me, time flies when you are seeing this film.
I rate it 8/10


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