CANNN Reggie Rockstone is very difficult during interviews ? Ghanaian Presenter CANNN

Happy FM?s Dr Cann in a recent interview with Vibes in 5 has revealed his top three entertainment shows and why he decided to stay at Happy after rumours hit the net that he was leaving.

On being controversial

?If you know me well, I stand for the truth many at times. As human as we are, I might not be right always. It depends on how you look at me and how you see me run my show. I don?t see myself as controversial but I stand for the truth.?

On why he stayed at Happy FM

?Happy is a sports station and I?m an entertainment presenter, so when Hitz FM approached me saying they wanted me to be on their channel, I gave it a thought because if I moved there I was going to get a lot more time to do what I do best. I decided to move but management of Happy FM thought my shows were doing well and so they added more days to my show. We are doing it for the love of the industry and not the money.?

On the most difficult celebrity he has interviewed

?I will say Reggie Rockstone because he doesn?t give you the time to get into him and he plays around the questions a lot.?

Top three entertainment shows

?Showbiz Xtra, Entertainment Review on Peace FM and AM Pluzz is doing well. I can?t mention my worst three.?

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