Pathologist insists referee Kyei Andoh died of natural causes, no link with match beatings

Referee Kyei died days after he was beaten up by fans of Gold Stars

The pathologist who performed the autopsy on deceased referee Kyei Andoh insists he died of natural causes after family the family of the deceased match official rejected the outcome the doctor?s report.

Dr Osei Sampene, the pathologist at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, says the 21-year-old?s death has nothing to do with secondary causes as many had linked the death to some beatings he received days before passing way.

After the death of the assistant referee, many concluded that the assault he suffered from supporters of Gold Stars during a Division Two game in the Western Region was the cause of his death.

Dr. Sampene insists after his post-mortem on the body of referee Kyei, he concluded that he died because of health-related issues.

?The cause of death is natural. It has nothing to do with anything that is secondary. He was going to die that day and that is what makes it natural.? Dr. Sampene said.

?As a pathologist before I go to do a case, I try as much as possible to have an open mind; I don?t want to have a prior knowledge of whatever somebody is saying or what the public perception of the whole thing is.

?I then proceed to ask the Police what their findings are after I have conducted mine and then we compare both reports after which conclude on both findings. That was how I know it has nothing to do with what happened.

?The father and other family members including the brother, the RAF Chairman in Western Region were all present.

?After the autopsy, interestingly one of his brothers who I hear is a Referee confided in the doctor of Prestea Hospital that he didn?t know that the brother had this problem so from now onwards, he will also be coming for a regular check-up.?

Kyei Andoh was officiating a match in the Third Division between Gold Stars and Naajoe United  where he was allegedly assaulted by the home fans and died as a result of injuries.


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