The National Communications Authority [NCA] has dismissed assertions that reducing international call termination rate of 19 cents could help reduce the illegal SIM boxing.

The phenomenon which costs both government and telecom operators tens of millions of dollars every month, is engineered to direct international calls by using local numbers, thereby avoiding the international rate of 19 cents out of which 6 cents goes to government.

Some industry players have argued that because international call termination rate is as high as 19 cents, Ghana still remains a good market as their activities can see them terminate the international calls for less and make more money, hence the call on the NCA to reduce the 19 cents.

But the authority has said it has done enough to reduce illegal SIM boxing and would maintain the rate at 19 cents.

In recent times, Telcos like Airtel and Vodafone have been very active in curbing the growing SIM Box fraud in the telecommunications industry which adversely affects the industry’s revenue.

Source: citifmonline


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