Relationships ebb and flow ? sometimes we are really close and connected with our partners, and other times we can seem to drift apart somewhat and things can seem a bit distant between us. It?s a normal rhythm, but feeling distant from our partner can be troubling. Here?s how to reconnect in your relationship:

downloadTalk about it.?Let your partner know that you want to make an effort to reconnect and get a bit closer. They might be feeling the same way and having a conversation about it lets them know what your intentions are. They?ll know that you care about the relationship and want to make it a priority again. No matter how it works out, telling them how you feel and that you want to work on the relationship will go a long way to making it happen.

Unplug.?Make a point of really focusing on each other when you?re together. Turn off your phone, don?t look at your computer and turn off the TV. Spend time talking to each other, going for a walk or playing a game. Focusing on each other will bring you closer than focusing on texts from your friends will.

Get away from it all.?Leave the distractions of your daily lives, friends and families behind and get away. Take a day trip somewhere, go to a nearby beach or park, or go for a hike Getting away from the hustle and bustle of normal life removes a lot of distractions and lets you focus just on each other.


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