As part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, international hair care brand, Natures Gentle Touch, manufactured by Recare Limited recently graduated some students from its hair institute.


Speaking about the development, Mr Ramesh Hullur, Chief Executive Officer, Recare Limited stated that the institute?s nine months intensive training programme empowers students with theoretical and practical skills needed to establish financial sustenance in the beauty and personal care industry.

??The Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute was established to bridge the gap in hair care services in Nigeria. Our students are exposed to modern styling equipment and experts, who take them through courses in cosmetology, trichology and professional development ??, he said.

In similar vein, Mr Daniel Komlan, Field Education Manager, Recare Limited said that, ??The Institute was set up to redefine hair care services in the country. We realized that there were no professional trained hair stylists and as a result many women were suffering from different hair and scalp problems. We decided to give formal train to stylists and develop products to help solve these problems??

The Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute provides student with the knowledge and skills to elevate the hair care services industry to international standards. Students graduating from the institute also have huge potentials to make impact in various other fields beyond the salon. They are employable in the media industry as beauty care experts or product development executives in cosmetic companies.

Commending the training programme, Oluwatobi Sangonuga, one of the graduating students said ?? it is a privilege for me to have participated in the nine months training. The training has sharpened my artistry skills and given me a treasure that no one can take from me. I am very happy I participated and hope to establish my business someday??.


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