Working together is made easier by Microsoft SharePoint 2010. SharePoint, throughout its evolution, has been a great platform supporting collaboration, enabling increased productivity, and offering content management. All in an Office-like familiar environment. According to a recent Forrester survey, SharePoint 2010 is witnessing strong adoption and usage across organizations of all sizes and in most industry sectors.

Custom Solutions
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as-is, with its powerful core of pre-built functionalities, covers many generic business needs. It enables you to quickly deploy productivity and collaboration sites to meet many of your standard requirements. Having said that, should your organizational needs be a little different from what SharePoint?s pre-built functionalities have to offer, you can powerfully customize and extend its core to make it fit your business context better. What makes SharePoint so successful around the world is greatly attributed to this flexibility and extensibility it has been thoughtfully designed with. You can create custom SharePoint solutions in simple to sophisticated and practically limitless ways, as is done by many successful SharePoint organizations, to leverage its true power.

You can have custom Web Parts, plug-ins, modules created which are not a part of SharePoint?s original installation but needed to suit the exact way you do your business. You may develop advanced search, custom work flows, application pages, actions, ribbon controls, utility apps, content types, event receivers, timer jobs, delegate controls, web services, reports, etc. SharePoint is an extremely powerful application platform which lets you create any custom solution you may need.

The greatest power of SharePoint ? its flexibility ? is also its greatest limitation: there are so many ways to accomplish the same thing in SharePoint that new users can easily get confused.

Inexperienced SharePoint developers may even create a hack of a custom solution which may work immediately but crumble soon. A good Custom SharePoint Development Company can significantly ease and accelerate the process of developing custom SharePoint solutions to fit the way you do business. Certified and experienced SharePoint developers from a trusted Custom SharePoint Development Company can understand your business needs better, suggest best ways of accomplishing them in SharePoint, and help you build high-quality custom SharePoint solutions using less development time and potential rework.

Mindfire Solutions
Mindfire Solutions, an expert SharePoint Application Development company and a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, has over seven solid years of SharePoint customization experience for diverse customer needs. With over 100+ SharePoint projects for global clients spread across a variety of industries, Mindfire?s team of 25+ certified SharePoint developers has earned it industry-wide reputation for delivering first-class service. Mindfire is a trusted one-stop Custom SharePoint Development Company offering a wide range of SharePoint services with experience in all SharePoint versions including SharePoint 2010, WSS, and MOSS.

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