I guess by now we all know the Sarkodie issue. For those who do not know, lemme give you a little insight.

Sarkodie a few days ago went wild on twitter over the fact that a show promoter had taken off his picture from the show poster because the promoter couldn?t meet his fee and also because he demanded for a dressing room.

I know you?re asking, ?so why are you saying he?s a hypocrite???.hold on and read further.

Apart from this main issue, Sarkodie went on and talked about a lot of things which we already know. Basically about how show organizers treat Ghanaian artiste. He further called for respect for Ghanaian artiste.

Now to why I say he?s a hypocrite. We all know how Ghanaian artiste are treated by show organizers, from low fees, non-payment of balances, to using their images to promote shows without their consent and all that.

If we remember, somewhere in December last year, Charter House organized the Top of the World concert in collaboration with Malta Guinness. On the show was going to be P-Square, R2Bees and Sarkodie.

We later had R2Bees pulling out over information that P Square were going to be paid $200,000 whiles they together with Sarkodie were being offered a meagre $5,000. They had approached the organizers over the information and demanded a higher amount than the $5,000, this obviously didn?t work out leading to their withdrawal from the show.

This move by R2Bees was applauded by many because it was a first in the industry and many felt Sarkodie should have supported his brothers to drum home the message that they (artistes) couldn?t be treated anyhow.

Unfortunately, his move was rendered useless by two artistes; Sarkodie and Samini. Samini after the pull out by R2Bees, was used to replace the Tema boys and even though there were rumors earlier that Sarkodie was going to support his colleagues by also pulling out, he didn?t.

Fast forward to November 2013 and this same person is here ranting about being disrespected. Is it because now he feels he?s big so he must be given respect? Was he so much in need of the $5,000 offered him for the ?Top of the World concert? to the extend that he couldn?t support a strong statement by his own brothers, for better treatment and better remuneration from event organizers?

The move by R2Bees was in the interest of every Ghanaian artiste because if Sarkodie had also pulled out and Samini had also refused to be used as a substitute for R2Bees, i don?t think the organizers would have had any choice but to increase their performance fees respectively.

Their refusal and probably greediness, left R2Bees on their own and gave event organizers the power. They now have the trump card because they know that once you refuse, another artiste is ready to do it for even less.

I believe the artiste who will be replacing Sarkodie on the show in question, wouldn?t even mind dressing up in his car or taking a fraction of what Sarkodie was charging.

Nobody is seeking your downfall as you are ranting Bro.Sark. We all want to see GH Music take the world stage but when you betray your brothers over a just cause, you cease to have the power to demand respect.

You can?t win if you decide to fight alone, if you had supported R2Bees, i believe whichever artiste the organizer decides to hire to replace you will also refuse based on the precedent and at the end you guys will have the power now to be making demands because the organizers will realise that if they leave one, they wont get another to perform.

But as it stands, everybody is on his own and everybody is thinking about his pocket. Solidarity is the key and in unity lies strength.

This is nothing personal, just an opinion which when taken into consideration, will result in a win for GH artistes.


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