Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo
Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo

As a nation, we can all stand tall in thinking that anyone with the country’s national interest at heart is one that we all ought to rally behind to steer the socio-economic development of our great nation Ghana onto a path that could make us all proud citizens of this great nation of ours.

Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo
Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo

But that’s not the case, when you take a critical look at the political arena created by the very people we atone the title “honourable” onto.

We are on this boat together as Ghanaians , and in order to stay afloat so we can truly enjoy not only our Godly bestowed treasures called Natural Resources, the fruits of our ancestors that helped lay down the foundations of what our true identity as Ghanaians is , but to also become proud citizens of The Republic of Ghana. Therefore it’s imperative that we have to collectively put on our critical thinking caps, to ensure that the decisions we take on voting day 7th November 2016 is one that would continue to shape the destiny of our country for all and sundry.

Over the past 7 seven years, our beloved country Ghana, has faced some of the most challenging enemies of progress of our time clothed in NPP party colors and purely bent on detracting any initiative taken by the NDC in their bid to make the NDC unpopular to the citizenry. However, through dedication and commitment set by the ruling NDC administration under the leadership of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, almost 85% of its developmental projects/goals have been completed or almost reaching completion, through the hard work of Ghanaians along with our international partners.

It is however fair to mention, that the above mentioned achievements did have its fair share lapses of which some could constitute as corruption, and to which the government was quick in ensuring that such malpractices are stamped out.

Now let’s take our nation Ghana through the 5 steps breached by members of the NPP party -:

Step One – Integrity

Ghana’s Integrity was breached and abused by the Nana Akuffo Addo led NPP when they couldn’t handle the fact that majority of voters did in fact vote to retain the NDC into power, and this breach opened the gateways to an unprecedented array of insults towards the President , elderly statesmen and women , and completely broke down social structures laid down to us by our forefathers who taught us to honour and respect our elderly. Our media houses are just as guilty for allowing their platforms to be used for this, partly because they were compromised by the support they get from the NPP and its sympathisers.

Step Two – Team Work

As noted in countries who’s form of democracy we try so blindly to follow, after an election all political parties come together to work for the greater good on their nation, but sadly our reality as a nation COULD NOT follow this simple rule , because our sore-losers decided it was best to plunge the country into chaos or simply put in their words ” ungovernable” . This led to a series of Strikes Actions / Demonstrations orchestrated by the opposition party, Fire outbreaks which we are all yet to determine how to position who was behind this, verbal abuse, etc etc all designed to detract government from focusing on critical issues facing the nation as whole. For these reasons, many commend and respect the NDC government for not crumbling down as wished upon them by the county’s largest opposition party.

It is fair for every Ghanaian to note that, should the NPP party had put all that venomous efforts into nation building, or had thought about the national interest first, Dumsor as we all know it now would NOT have lasted this long , because our collective effort as a nation would have first been solutions oriented, and not finger pointing mockery.

Step Three – Equality

As a nation of diverse ethnic groupings or tribes, every Ghanaian has the right to feel a sense of belonging , which should give us the right to hold any position at all within the country by merit of being Ghanaian. And what becomes secondary is the skill sets held by the said individual irrespective of gender. Again, the Nana Akuffo Addo led NPP party failed to embrace the fundamental equality every Ghanaian holds a right to, and have consistently showed through its mouth pieces of NPP communicators, that there indeed are some Ghanaians that do NOT have that right to be Ghanaians by sheer merit of not being from a particular ethnic group., thus setting a rather dangerous precedence in our social economic structure as a country.
> Let us all remember that a leader is one that is able invite us all to the table called Ghana, so we can dialogue together on the future of our great nation Ghana, and not one that continuously preaches the WE and THEM syndrome.

Step Four – Creativity

Indeed every Ghanaian has the right to decide his own destiny, and as Marley said, in this judgement there is no partiality, so let’s take a moment and see how that affects us all. Creative thinking is best rewarded when the proper steps are taken in concert to the desired goal intended, right ?? Now, we could all agree to the fact that policy makers who are in the forefront of helping shape this country’s destiny, could function better should they tap into creative thinking options that can help find solutions to the real time challenges the nation as a whole faces. This, of course, would not happen when detractors and enemies of progress take to the airwaves to exhibit utterances of insults and ridicule as their only means or ways to exhibit creative thinking, and by so doing depriving the listeners (many of whom tend to forget the main intent of these detractors) , the right to exercise their creativity towards nation building. Let’s do a better job by activation of culture of creative decency that can uphold our integrity as Ghanaians, and not be forced into the gutters of absurdity.

Step Five – Respect and Confidentiality

As a Ghanaian, the million dollar question is have you felt respected ? Do you feel the men and women elected to represent your interest have shown mature restraint in handling issues? And more importantly, has national issues been addressed with the respect and confidentiality it deserves ? These questions, when answered without prejudice is what would uphold our integrity as nation. It is fair to mention that we all have our flaws and shortcomings but it’s how we handle it , that shows our common desire to do and be better than we have been, so l urge all the good citizens of Ghana to look carefully at all sectors of national development, measure that on merit of what its desired outcome would be should we all key in our collective efforts by first respecting Ghana, and ensuring that we do not expose nor jeopardise the national integrity/security of our great nation by selling ourselves to some western nations by way of petitioning this or that, which is the new trend adopted by NPP. Ghana deserves better, and surely Ghana doesn’t deserve the current NPP leadership.

On this note, allow me to wish all Ghanaians home and abroad a Happy New Year, and also charge government communicators with the task of thinking Ghana first when going on record to say anything. Highlight the achievements of the government regardless of how little you make think it is, for Ghanaians deserve to know nothing but the truth.

God bless our homeland Ghana.
Albert Dodoo
Diasporan Activist
Member of NDC Holland
[email protected]


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