shatta-waleSeveral musicians have had a change of their stage names in the course of their career. It could be as a result of the low brand that name imposes or other reasons best known to them .

Samini changed from Batman,Efya changed from Jane,Coded of 4X4 was known as Abortion ,Lazzy of VVIP changed to Zeal,VRMG boss Edem also changed from Ayigbe Edem and Shatta Wale too had a change of name from Bandana.

If we could clearly remember,Bandana was missing from the music scene for sometime and the next thing that took us by surprise was one Shatta Wale who had a problem with Kakie for winning an award at the VGMA of which he thinks he should have won.

That incident made everyone wander who that Shatta Wale dude was and to our surprise,the ‘lost’ Bandana. Shatta talking about how he evolved from Bandana to Shatta Wale,he disclosed that checking his lifestyle and how he was,he felt he was soo serious with what he was doing but people misunderstood him to be very agggresive. He then decided to come back as a transformed person and then stopped certain things.

Thus bringing himself back to the system,the only name that came into mind was Shatta. According to the Kakai gentleman, he felt he was a hard dude and thought that name was great. He used to bear the name Dubli Wale which was quite inactive. Dubli, a latin word which means Forever,was changed to Shatta and he decided to use Shatta Wale to record some few songs and he thought Shatta Wale was nicer so he made it a part of him. Meaning of Shata Wale Shatta is a Jamaican slang for ‘Gangster’ while WALE which is an acronym,means ‘World Alerted Lyrical Entertainer’.

Therefore,the name Shatta Wale means a Gangster who is a World Alerted Lyrical Entertainer. You get the whole picture now from how he started till now and you see that this guy has really fought hard.

What do you think of the meaning of his name? Drop your comments in the box below.



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