Reality shows most often are unscripted dramatic or humorous situations which seeks to unveil and nurture talents of ordinary people who have extreme passion to excel in their various fields. Most reality shows involve wannabes instead of professionals, and they are trained on the ethics of the career they are venturing.  Over the years, there have been countless number of reality shows in Ghana with most being television concepts. Not all winners of reality shows come out living the life they always have dreamed of. Our entertainment industry is getting more competitive as seconds fade into minutes and this goes to justify my point that, it takes more than winning a reality show for one to walk into the hall of the galaxy. Whiles some didn?t kill their dreams upon not winning the ultimate prize, it is ironic to note that some winners of reality shows are missing in the scene like spilled cereals. They set their eyes beyond the enormous prize that came along with various competitions. Walk with me as we go to the archives of some stars who arguably had the key to open their hall of fame through
reality shows.


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