By: Stephen A.Quaye.

      Usually I do not take much pain in sitting down to reply comments other readers of my articles post to which are mostly insulting. It is time wasting and not worth replying insults.
      Simply because I do not speak “Loshon Hora” and if you want what it means please get in touch with a Jewish cleric and he will explain it to you.
       The other reason too was that many of the commentators do not offer good advice to the reading public who visits the site to learn something from it except insulting like chewing a gum so I do not waste time replying them.
         However I was tempted to do what I did not want to do and that is replying a commentator who just posted a “silly” comment to what I drafted and had it posted on Ghana Web this morning titled,” KENNEDY AGYAPONG: THE BLACK MAMBA”.
          A comment posted to that article sort to rubbish the whole piece posted by one T.T. or whatever that person calls himself caught my attention when I was reading the comments section.
         After reading his comment, I had only one clear view that he did not read the whole article word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph and from beginning to the end.
         Instead of reading the whole article and get the import of the piece, he scanned the words with his eyes like someone who does not have any knowledge about Chinese alphabets but looking at them in a newspaper.
          Just because if he did read the article in full and did not scanned the words with his eyes, he wouldn’t have written such comment. The piece would have cracked his hard coconut and put some idea there.
         There is a public outcry about the way politicians sit on both state and private TV and radio station programmes and spew unacceptable words to seriously attack other highly respected personalities in the country.
        The problem started with NDC politicians where it got to a point that other political opponents joined the train by issuing counter statements which were all bad and condemned as such.
        However the president was petitioned to sanction his ministers and party activists from making statements that would draw other politicians to the fray and spark fire in the country all to no avail.
        The bad practice has got to the head where opposition leaders are doing more than what the party in power leaders are doing which we all condemns it.
         Talking about the three countries which surround Ghana and expressing fear should there be any trouble in Ghana our people could not run to them for help therefore the need for all to be careful was nonsense as T.T. DESCRIBED?
         No body even including me will be happy sparking fire in the country where we all have our umbilical cord buried. But that should also not let us forget that whiles thinking of good, one must also think of evil at the same time and know how to deal with any of them.
         T.T. or whatever he calls himself, please reason up the next time you decides to post a comment to an article and not a silly one excuse my words attacking someone. And if I have any humble appeal to you, please spend that time writing that comment on dealing with one of your numerous problems facing you okay?
          Anyway, if you have any good suggestions bring them up and I will take them in good faith.


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