By: Kweku Danso

Don?t tell me you are also wearing out and giving up! You have ten more years to retire!

So pick yourself up, team up with those settling in Ghana, trying to settle, or successfully settled ?? people like Sam T. you have known from Colorado (he said he tried many times to meet with you but in vain), Fredua Dankwah, Nii Allotey, our friend Larry, etc, etc.

I don?t know how much more I have to emphasize that in the modern day you just can?t do it by yourself. The old ways will never change unless external forces work on them, and these external forces will be the views and values of those like you and Sam and many others who want to live in Ghana, still have hope, and secondly, overcoming the culture our mothers taught and confronting elders and so-called big man in office. Anybody who has lived in America or UK or Germany and tells me he is afraid to hold the shirt collar of his old school mates and even uncles in office, who are driving around in $100,000 vehicles and the roads are filled with potholes, and open gutters, water and electricity and Internet being rationed, might as well stay back overseas.

If we don?t learn to work together, to share, to assist each other up, to network, to confront the MPs together no matter the party affiliation, to push together, there is no way the doors of civilization will open for us and that door does not open for one person at a time for a societies as a whole. No one can see hope of a better improved environment, even if you pay all the taxes in the world and pay all you want to your NDC or NPP or other parties! I laughed yesterday as a friend told me the NPP is asking NPP-USA to send one vehicle per State to them! Tweaaaaaa!!! I am sure the NDC is demanding perhaps a little less since Woyome and others have the funds channeled back to the party. It will take men like Kwaku Kwakyi some hard experience to know these. There is a local friend who is so excited because he is shipping some items from China to Ghana and making good profit and says the MPs in his hometown will never bother about water and so forth, and all he is interested in is his business. With such mindset, is it any wonder the gutters are still open, water and electricity and Internet being rationed and officials take from public coffers and don?t deliver, and nobody cares. Sad!

?Source: Kweku Danso



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