Ghana Police
Ghana Police

Every good thing starts with the mind. Such mind sets translate into visions and when made public one should expect some level of reaction. Those reactions can help reshape the idea.

Ghana Police
Ghana Police
It is on that score that I commend all those who expressed their opinions on this matter. Thanks to the IGP for the vision and kudos to the writer of this article, Abdul Hanan Mohammed El-Saeed.

The police service over the years have experienced some form of transformation and indeed, this idea of upgrading the staff college and others to a university status is certainly heartwarming.

Despite the successes chalked by the police, a lot is still required of them especially in the managerial capacity of the service. The human resource management in the service leaves much to be desired. People head units simply because of their rank without the consideration of capacity, skill and other essential qualities required of such positions.

It is on such bases that I welcome such a call from the IGP. What I therefore expect is that this university should be able to train personnel on modern policing especially on human rights in a democratic process.

It should not be commercialised beyond the reach of the serving personnel. It should be able to establish a vibrant research unit that will collate data in the country and beyond aim at recommendations that can further the course of combating crime in a ICT challenged world.

To those who think otherwise of this proposed university, Should look beyond their personal feelings and suggest the future of the police service.

Thank you.

Cpl. Samuel Naawerebagr
[email protected]


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