I read with much discontent an article published on www.peacefmonline.com- 3rd December edition on the above topic. The content of the said article was purported to have been said by one Dr. Joseph Kwabena Manboah Rockson, a parliamentary candidate of the governing National Democratic Congress party.

Dominic Nitiwul

Dominic Nitiwul

I am simply not surprise that Dr. Rockson made such a childish and unfounded accusation against Hon. Nitiwul. After all, it is always alleged that he (Dr. Rockson) is an alien in the constituency. He is not connected with the grass root and so the only way to win the seat by his standard is to create tension between Nanumbas and Konkombas.

Dr. Rockson’s assertion in paragraph 3 “The assertion that I made is that, every four (4) years when Nitiwu comes out for re-election, he tries to ignite a small issue by making it look Konkomba man attacking Dagomba man or Dagomba man attacking Konkomba man then he uses that as basis for campaign…” is so worrying giving the fact that Bimbilla remains volatile.

I personally would not question Dr. Rockson’s credentials. At least, he laboured for long outside Ghana.

Hon. Nitiwul is accused of being reluctant in finding solutions to the conflict. Then I ask, what has Dr. Rockson done as a true Konkomba man to solving the conflict? It may interest Dr. Rockson to know that under Hon. Nitiwul’s reign Nanumbas and Konkombas dine and sleep together. So, if there is anyone fuelling conflict in Bimbilla that should be Manboah Rockson.

There’re are myriad of challenges confronting the people of Bimbilla and Nanung and Dr. Rockson can assist even without being a member of parliament. We are aware of the resources and delegations from the seat of government that trooped to Bimbilla and campaign against Dr. Tamanjah before he (Dr. Rockson) won at the primaries. He should prove his genuine will to serve the people by using his influence at the presidency to at least attempt solving these issues he claimed Nitiwul has not done.

Winning the Bimbilla seat is not about inciting Nanumbas and Konkombas to take arms. It’s about been articulate. Money counts in Ghanaian politics today, but electorates in the Bimbilla Constituency are discerning and must not allow an opportunist like Manboah Rockson to destroy the peace in Nanung.

Both Konkombas and Nanumbas have very strong unions and it’s high time leaders of these unions spoke against this tribal and destructive kind of politics.

The NDC by now must be regretting for allowing Manboah Rockson to even contest at their primaries. The party needs a credible alternative to contest Hon. Nitiwul. However, the artificial victory by Dr. Rockson in the primaries had spelt NDC’s defeat.

Source: Aliu Zuberu.



  1. Aliu Zeberu is very clueless about Bimbilla. Nitiwul is rather an outsider of Bimbilla. Can your Nitiwul speak Dagbani or Nanul? the answer is no, not at all. Dominic Nitiwul was born outside of the constituency, whereas Dr. Joseph Manboah-Rockson, born in Bimbilla town; attended Jilo primary and middle school and known very well in Bimbilla town. Dominic Nitiwul was brought by his mother and senior sister to marry at Gugupa and was even treated like an orphan, because his step father did not want such a baggage. So what are you talking about? Are you paid to put this here……..it is a nonsense piece. Take it off….and don’t be silly.


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