The Chairman of Co-operative Transport Union at Agona Swedru, Mr. Frederick Okyereko has called on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to re-introduce the issuance of the green and yellow classification of license to driver and motor users to ensure easy identification of one’s qualification to drive a particular vehicle, instead of the current issuance of what he called ”open license” to all drivers.

Mr. Okyereko who made the call in an interview with newsghana disclosed that the current system has contributed to the increasing cases of road accidents in the country, as according to him, any driver can choose to drive any particular type of vehicle upon issuance of a driving license by the DVLA without recourse to his experience.

He further reiterated that the situation of the ”open license” system has also made the work of the police very difficult, as they cannot easily differentiate the license to drive a particular type of vehicle.

The Chairman who is a veteran commercial driver since 1967 disclosed that during that period, one will undergo strenuous driving test by the DVLA before one can qualify to be issued a license to drive, unlike now where he said some people will stay at home and obtain a driving license without going through any driving test.

He hinted that during that period, before one can obtain the highest form of license to drive a truck, trailer or a heavy to duty machine, one will go through all the four stages of driving from Grade 59 to Grade 85, Grade 110 and then to Grade 160 before one can obtain license A that will qualify him to drive a truck or trailer.

He expressed shock why the DVLA has abandoned this system and adopted the system of ”open license” to all drivers.

The Union Chairman pointed out that until the DVLA re-introduces the old system of issuing a license as a way of cleaning the driving profession, the fight against road accidents will continue to be a mirage.

By. Robert Ayanful


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