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With reference to your news item on Monday, February19, 2017 we will like to inform you about the developing story after our press release dated February 18th, 2017. We learnt that various media houses did a follow up at the Scholarship Secretariat of Ghana concerning our monthly stipends.

The explanation by the Secretariat baffles us, in the sense that, if indeed they claim they released monies some months ago, why did they not confirm that during the period when we kept making calls to both the Secretariat and the embassy and why were monies kept at the Ghana embassy at Beijing for several months?


The interesting development came out on Tuesday 15:11 Beijing Time (7:11 GMT), all the 27 Students on Ghana Government/Chinese Government Scholarship received alert messages from our Banks indicating that our book allowance for the 2016/2017 academic year which began in August 2016 had been deposited into our various accounts.

To our surprise it was only 2 months and a percentage of the 3rd month. This was the same day that various news outlets made a follow up at the Scholarship Secretariat of Ghana. We believe that this is a way of diffusing the issue in the public domain since we did not expect anything less than 9 months stipends to cover for the monies from 2016. We also find it interesting that they decided to hurriedly release allowances below 3months and we kept agitating for all monies owed us from 2016, but they refused to give us a clear explanation.

We humbly urge you to do a thorough investigation on this whole issue to prevent it from reoccurring again. Our concern are in three-folds:

1. Why should we demand such monies when the secretariat now claims they released it about a few months ago to the Ghana Embassy in Beijing, China?
-Why was the payment not made when they perfectly knew these monies needed to be paid in 2016?
-Why didn’t they inform us (students) when we kept communicating with them to explain the cause of such unnecessary delay for about a year?
– In as much as we know, they never indicated that some monies have been released and were making efforts to contact the secretariat to release the monies immediately.

2. Why did they only decide to release only our book allowances and stipends for only 2 months and a percentage of the 3rd month?
3. Can the Scholarship Secretariat and the Ghana Mission in Beijing be made to explain how much they released to us on Tuesday and for which number of months?
– As far as we know, we were supposed to receive at least stipends for 9 months covering the arrears in 2016 while we wait for the remaining amounts (2017 stipends) in the coming months.

We are humbly request your outfit to help us carry our concerns through your medium for the authorities that matter to hear our cry. And in the long term, we appeal to your good offices to further investigate the real underlining reasons why for a year now, students could not be paid so as to prevent the re-occurrence of this situation as we have seen over the years.

At this point, we will like to thank you for once again acting as the “4th arm of government” and bringing the matter to the knowledge of all the authorities and we hope that we will eventually receive our stipends for the whole of last year just like our colleagues in other countries.

Ghanaian Government Scholarship Students in China.


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