Officials of the NDC Germany Communication Team (Chris Mensah and Kalim Abilla) over the weekend maneuvered to invite their comrade Mr. Fred Agbenyo to a cross fire interview on Sankofa Radio (a popular radio station In Stuttgart- Germany)

 Kanadu and Rawling
Kanadu and Rawling

Speaking on the Radio program, the presenter, Akwasi Owusu asked series of questions pertaining the formation of a new political party (NDP) by?former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, together with other former members of the National Democratic Congress.

A member of the Communication Team of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Fred Agbenyo swiftly stated that ?NDC as a political party believes in internal multi partisan democracy. All that we pray for is that, Ghanaian electorates shall recognize or access and appreciate the good work of NDC government led by Prof. Atta- Mills?.

He continued ?In spite of all,Ghanaconstitution permits the citizenry ofGhanathe freedom of association and gathering in pursuit of a common goal. Therefore, no one can forbid, obstruct or intimidate his or her fellow citizen from this right.?

Mr. Agbenyo referred Listeners to colonial era (pre-independence) of which ?UGCC was formed and later the organizers decided to invite Late Dr Kwame Nkrumah. Eventually, disintegration set in and finally, Dr. Nkrumah broke away to form his own party (CPP)?

?Though speculations are that, new party within NDC has been emerged but has not been officially confirmed by our founder or his wife ? Nana Konadu.?

Agbenyo lamented đŸ˜• No one has been ordained to effect victory for NDC except God Almighty. We all joined the campaign trail in 2000 with JJ Rawlings but we lost. Likewise 2004 , luck was not on our side. However, God being on our side, we came out victorious in 2008. ?Who caused am?? Efo Agbenyo asked

?Considering our weaknesses, vulnerability and low profiled we never deserved but with God all things are possible? he preached

?We all expect that the same dice would favor us come December 7, general elections. Let me remind you about one thing ? JJ Rawlings, President Mills, Asiedu Nketiah and others, they are not immortal or rock on this earth planet. Obviously, their days would be over. New generations shall take over their positions. Therefore all we expect from the party hierarchy is mutual understanding, nourishment and respect for one another so as to pave the way forward otherwise posterity would not forgive us.?

Mr Agbenyo continued ?we cannot deny unprecedented characteristics and unique achievements of our beloved party founder. JJ, affectionately known as Junior Jesus, who salvagedGhanafrom total collapsed. At the age of 31, he (Rawlings) was crowned as the head of state and commander in chief.? Ghanaians witnessed where, how and adverse direction of our nation by then. Today, most of us are aggrieved, worried and in a state of disappointment in the wake of recent developments within the corridors of our Party founder Mr. JJ Rawlings and his darling wife, Nana Konadu Agyemang – Rawlings.?

Mr Agbenyo minced no words in saying ?As an icon and legend, you ought to confine, comport or command highest dignity within the society whereby upcoming generations might come to seek piece of advice and counseling from you. However, it?s rather unfortunate. Our founder?s wife (Mrs Rawlings) ? a virtue woman of such stature, one would ask, what might have prompted her to conceive an idea of forming a political party, that aims at disrupting the existing NDC?. Our great party has its own value, constitution and structures by which all members including the executives are bound.?

?It would be recalled that, after the Sunyani national congress, Prof. Mills was given the mandate to lead the party to victory. It was therefore expected from all members to unite as one family and as such subsequent party formation could be possible after the tenure of Prof. Mills.?

?As (Abusuapayin) – referring to Rawlings, chairman of council of elders, leader and founder of a leading political party chooses to take that course, we accept! How could a noble family head that built a mansion to accommodate his own family and later decides to destroy it? It?s unbelievable? ? Agbenyo lamented.

Mr. Fred Agbenyo concluded his comments as he called on all Ghanaians to come together as one nation. He used the platform to console all NDC members and sympathizers to remain calm and rally behind Prof. Mills for one touch victory come December 7 general elections.

Repoprt by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)

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