Former Military Junta leader, Jerry John Rawlings, who executed almost all former Ghana’s Heads of State, and supervised rogue Soldiers to massacre innocent Ghanaians, especially, innocent Ashantis, and Residents in Ashanti Region, and furthermore, supervised a (few) rogue Soldiers to rape “our Beautiful Ghanaian Women”, who were paraded completely naked through the Principal Streets, has no Moral and Professional Rights to condemn Egypt’s Professional Military, which gave Power to Civilians on the same day they tried their best to prevent “Egypt’s Brotherhood Terrorists”, who were influencing the kind-hearted, and Diplomatic Oriented President Morsi, to use Sharia Laws to “behead” innocent Egyptians — say’s former Ghanaian-American Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, who once successfully advised the White House on Military overthrow of former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak
The International Politician publicly appealed to Egypt’s Military to release the deposed Egyptian President Morsi, who was his Senior at the prestigious University of Southern California (USC), on Humanitarian grounds.
? ? ? “Rawlings, whose (illegitimate Father) was a Colonialist, Neo-Colonialist, and Imperialist, with a history of exporting “Gays Chemical Weapons of Aids” to Africa, which is strongly opposed by Civilized Africans, and “our Civilized Conservative White Brothers, and Sisters”, —– and, the same (Rawlings), and Major (retired) Boakye Djan, who are absolutely Mentally-Retarded, Blood-Thirsty, and dangerous Cannibals, would have barbarically executed Egypt’s President Morsi”, [if] they were the ones who deposed President ?Morsi.
Claiming that he still has support from the White House, and that, the White House knows very well that he has extraordinary popular support from American People from different Races, and Colour, especially African-Americans, White Conservatives, White Liberals, Native-Americans, Asians, and Latinos, etc, etc, as well as popular support from Ghanaians around the World, the leader of Ghanaians Abroad Coalition (GAC), Osagyefo Dr” Kwame Mayor has publicly warned Ghana’s Government, especially, it’s National Security, against using Special Forces, after the Supreme Court announces its verdict on Election Petition, to massacre innocent Ghanaians, especially, innocent?Ashantis, and Residents in Ashanti Region, whether they are innocent Fantes, innocent Ewes, innocent Gas, innocent Brongs, innocent Gonjas, innocent Kwahus, innocent Akyems, innocent Akuapems, innocent Buems, innocent Dagombas, innocent Frafras, innocent Hausas, innocent Kusasis, innocent Mamprusis, innocent Dagartes, innocent Dagbanes, innocent Sisalas, innocent Nanumbas, innocent Krachis, innocent Konkombas, innocent Mosis, innocent Denkyiras, etc, etc, (who were savagery massacred during?June 4th?Terrorist Revolution staged by Flight Lieutenant [retired] Jerry John Rawlings, and Major (retired) Boakye Djan)
? ?”It seems, some NDC Executives are using the Powers of Special Forces to muster Self Confidence that the Supreme Court would rule in their favour, and continue to stay in Power to terrorize innocent Ghanaians, and discriminate against innocent Ashantis in Ministerial Appointments, Ambassadorial appointments; Civil Service, Army, Airforce, and Navy recruitment, as well as discrimination in the award of Contracts”, said the Fair-Minded Pro-American Democracy Activist, and Pan-Africanist Freedom Fighter.
He said that United Nations (U.N.), should conduct future Elections for all Countries in the World, to prevent Electoral violence.
? ?”Presidents, or Leaders anywhere in the World, especially Africa, should learn to organize Free, and Fair Elections as Human Beings, and?Opposition Leaders anywhere in the World, especially Africa, should also learn to accept Electoral defeat as Human Beings, to prevent un-necessary violence”, said the Ghanaian-born “America’s Mandela”.
? ?”Maybe, United Nations should henceforth, conduct Elections for all Countries, to prevent violence”, said the Ideas Consultant.
? ??Source : Tsi-Tsi Mashinini/Uhuru Times


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