Rawlings Form New Political Party


The give and take between former president Rawlings and the other N.D.C gurus has taken a different dimension.
Reports by Citifmonline.com has it that, former President Jerry John Rawlings has formed a new political party,an initiative that is seen by many analyst as an eyesore and capable of spliting the National Democratic Congress.

Same reports indicated that the Electoral Commission of Ghana is yet to give clearance to the new party which is to be called ‘National Democratic Party’ (NDP).

Gathering loyal politicians and masses as a whole is on the go and reports indicate it is going on well.The idea comes as a results of various proposals from loyal political groups and individuals who visited the former President and enouraged him to start a new party.

This news affirm the reports that came before the Sunyani Congress which saw President Mills as the flagbearer for the 2012 general elections.Both Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and her husband denied the reports and it looks like it is almost coming to pass.

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