Ghananewslink gathers that the professed mammoth gathering at the rally of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) at the Mantse Agbona in James Town, Accra, will not be graced with  the presence of the former President, jerry John Rawlings.

A spokesperson of the Rawlingses, Kofi Adams said his boss took offence to the fact that though he had not been officially invited to the rally, organisers sought to use his name and a promise of his attendance to galvanise the public into attending.
Mr Rawlings within the week asked organises to desist from using his name to publicise the event. He is widely seen as the single most important campaigner of the NDC; the party he founded.
“So if at any time these people – the Rawlingses– feel that they have been treated in a way that they are not happy about, you don’t expect them to continue to endorse your programmes,” Kofi Adams said.
“The invitation came the day before yesterday and because of that he would not be there,” he added.


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