?Former President Rawlings? ex body guard Mr. Patrick Kuntor is alleged to have been causing series of troubles and mayhem at Oyarifa, a surburb community under the newly created La Nkwantanang?Municipal Assembly.

A statement signed by Hon. John Okpoti Mensah, Assembly Member for the Oyarifa Electoral Area, indicated that residents are unhappy about his behavior and are calling on the necessary authorities to intervene.

Below is the full statement:

We the residents of North Oyarifa will like to bring to the notice of the authorities and the general public activities of W. O. Kuntor and some identified Police officers which are threatening the peace of our dear community.

In January 2009, immediately after the swearing in ceremony of the late president J. E. A. Mills; W. O. Kuntor came to my house and threatened that his government is in power so we should be ready to see where power lies. Indeed, true to his (Kuntor) words a massive demolition of houses, fence walls and other properties took place a few months later without following due process.

Neither entry of judgement nor a demolishing order was served on us yet our properties were pulled down. Subsequent searches at the Accra Fast Track High Court revealed that Kuntor has a default judgement against one Nuumo Klotia Akpor and 6 others.


It is interesting to note that W, O. Patrick Kuntor ?forged Lands Commission search report to the court as his land document. There is nothing in that forged search report showing Kuntor is the owner of 37.6 acres of land.

Subsequent searches conducted by us at the Lands Commission confirmed clearly that the 37.6 acres of land has never been owned by the Terricones. Again, contrary to Kuntor?s claims at the court, the Terricones never gave him (Kuntor) such land. Indeed some of the property owners with me here contacted Ernesto and walter Tericonne who denied ever giving Kuntor 37.6 acres of land at the disputed area.



We have identified the Divisional Crime Officer at the Madina Police Station, Mr. Amos, Adentan Police Commander, Mr. Stephen Ahiatafu as well as Mr. Ochere-Abissa, Station Officer at Ayi-Mensah Police Station as officers who will do anything to advance the interests of W. O. Patrick Kuntor.

Over the years, the above named police officers have not only engaged in arbitrary arrests but allowed junior officers under them to come and assault innocent workers and landlords in the disputed area.

On one occasion, two police officers from Adenta Police Station mercilessly assaulted an innocent, defenceless, poor mason [ Nana Solomon ] for working in the area. This mason reported the assault at the Police Headquarters. The two police officers, realising they could be in serious trouble called the mason and gave him GH? 200.00 to drop his case at the Police Headquarters.

On the 20th day of January, 2012, some of the youth were arrested by the Adentan Police and sent to Madina District Court for confronting Mr. Kuntor in an illegal demolishing exercise. Although the court grated these young men bail Mr Ahiatafu kept them in police custody for three good days with an excuse that I and others with me are not qualified to stand as sureties for them.


Apart from the support of some police officers, Kuntor has also engaged land guards led by one guy who calls himself Alhaji Tony.

These land guards are engage in terrorising innocent workers and residents of the area. The leader of the land guards Alhaji Tony claims Kuntor has sold the 37.6 acres of land to him hence his activities in the area.


On the 3rd day of May 2012, the Court of Appeal presided over by Justice Douse set aside Patrick Kuntor?s judgment.

Again on 19th June 2012, the land title registry wrote to Mr. Patrick Kuntor to submit within one month his title certificate for cancellation since the Appeal Court has set aside the judgement by which he was given the certificate.

However, W. O. Patrick Kuntor is still going round misinforming the unsuspecting public that he still has the land title certificate to the area.

Indeed, DSOP Amos, Divisional Crime Officer at Madina Police Station among other serious religious and tribal statement which I cannot repeat here, said a judgement set aside does not mean cancelled. This unfortunate statement has emboldened land guards to intensify their activities in the area.

In conclusion, we the affected residents of North Oyarifa wish to call on the authorities especially the IGP to investigate the above mentioned police officers and bring them to book.

The extreme and open bias of the above mentioned officers has led to a total loss of confidence in their ability to maintain law and order in my electoral area.

Again, we will like to call on the authorities to at least call W. O. Patrict Kuntor to order if he cannot be prosecuted for fraud. Thank you.



Hon. John Okpoti Mensah

Assembly Member

[ Oyarifa Electoral Area ]



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